Common Gym Myths…

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Common gym myths.
By: Mary Wanjiku Gichuhi
I am very keen on going to the gym, and the guy who was lifting besides me this morning looked like he should write the book on muscle. Talked like it, too. He’s worked out like forever, played football, and he’s big. But that doesn’t mean he knows what he was talking about. Starting now, I ignore him.

The gym is infested with bad information. Lies that start with well intentioned teachers trickle down to students who become coaches or know –it –all gym preachers. Some people are blessed with good genes and will look great no matter the type of training they get at the gym. Everyone is unique and so what works out for one person will not necessarily produce the same results in another. Determining what works for your body is half the battle of fitness so next time while listening to what the gym preacher has to say, make sure you analyze it and see how well it will apply to your own situation.

We are all looking at maximizing results while minimizing time and effort in the gym. Confusion may however keep many couch potatoes from getting into shape. Getting Kenyans off their cozy couches and into their feet could save lives yet most people are either sedentary or only minimally active.

Gym myths can lead to wasted time, frustration and if taken blindly as truths, they can really set back your progress in the gym. Ever seen the guy laying in the corner doing thousands of sit –ups in his quest for a six-pack? Relate to this few statements : Its only a good workout if you are sore the next day; Running on a treadmill is better for your joints than pavements; More hours spent in the gym leads to better results; wearing a lot of clothes while working out helps burn more fat; If you want to be strong, you need to get huge; if someone looks fit, they know what they are talking about; there are magic diets and pills ;supplements will do all the work and that gyms are only for young people.

The most interesting and best known myth is that when women lift weights, they’ll become stiff, bulky and inflexible. This is not true. Lifting weights has great benefits for women, from an increased metabolism ,to a smaller ,more feminine shape ,to maintaining bone density ,improve heart health, increase strength, control weight, improve on flexibility and balance and also makes a woman feel better and more confident.

With all the myths at your disposal, it is very important to keep motivated and stick to your program. Rather than becoming a victim of bad information, use critical thinking every chance you get. Ask yourself where all information and advice is coming from and what the credibility of its source is. If necessary, do your own research to find out just what truth the claim has. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Mary is an MBA student at the University Of Nairobi School Of Business


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Keeping Fit Relationships..

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Keeping fit relationships.
By: Mary Wanjiku Gichuhi
Looking at a recent fitness program on a local media house on women trying to lose weight I wondered whether their relationships are equally fit as they would like to be. The question of whether fitness has anything to do with healthy relationships is worth pondering.
I believe that, “I am nothing without good health”. Good health streams from the health triangle: physical, mental and social well being. Not being fit in the three aspects can lead to unhealthy relationships. I believe that the passion of enjoying good relationships and marriages can only be ramped up by empowering oneself with the tools and motivation needed to get fit and stay healthy. Enhancing fitness levels directly improves the quality of both life and relationships.
Listening to radio talk shows couples have constantly complained of their overweight spouses which is straining their relationships. Some have even joked about the vows they made from until death do us part to until you gain 50 pounds whichever comes first. Attraction has been obviously the key to all healthy relationships.
Keeping fit has its benefits in relationships. Stress reduction, looking good, improved energy levels and reduced injuries are some of the physical benefits. Improved self confidence and improved self esteem are among the emotional benefits that fuel renewed passion in relationships and marriage as a whole.
Statistics reveal that apart from financial issues, most broken marriages are as a result of sexual dooms. Chances are, by the time most couples marry, they have had their better share of the best sex in their lives. The theory of diminishing returns states that “as consumption of the same product increases, the gratification-in this case- sexual fulfillment will not be as rewarding as in previous experiences.” This theory applies to sexual partners because as couples continue to have sex, the enjoyment level slowly starts to decrease. There is a remedy, with a committed effort in keeping fit and staying healthy, they can always make it better.
A little gyming, walking, jogging and outdoor cycling will not only better your sex life but also improve productivity to get work done more efficiently and free up more time for recreation. Feeling good by having a fit lifestyle will make you a better husband or wife. Those who live a fit lifestyle will agree with me that it is critical in clearing ones head to dealing with financial issues. Interesting but true is that patience with spouse and children is also enhanced.
Who wants to be branded a couch potato? Through experience, gyming at least four times a week keeps my body in shape giving it the activity it wants and was designed for. It also gives me my space and something else to do. Life is all about choices, choose to stay fit and healthy!

Mary is an MBA student at the University Of Nairobi School Of Business

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Why manners matter when it comes to fitness etiquette

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By: Mary Wanjiku Gichuhi
We are living in an image -conscious society and more people are going to the gym to tone up and keep in shape. The gym is our way to stay fit, a venue to meet new people and a place I call “me time” that is hard to garner anywhere else. It is a public place and a plethora of things to different people.
However, you can agree with me that we all know how to mind our manners at job interviews and fancy dinners but there’s something about the casual atmosphere of the gym that sometimes makes us forget. The same rules of etiquette are not just for tea parties but they apply everywhere even at the sweaty gym.
In my recent gym sessions I have observed that seemingly common sense unspoken rules and formalities of our exercise havens are being not only ignored in gyms nationwide, but virtually assaulted. This is not an attack on any one person: it is the opinion of a concerned gym attendee who wishes to work out in a less irritating environment. Even if you feel like you’re in your own little world when exercising, keep in mind that others are trying to use that space too.
Every gym goers has mastered the rules : clean up after yourself by always bringing a towel with you and using it, if you take something out, put it away, learn to share by not hogging the equipment for yourself, practice patience by not rushing others and be on time by observing the time limits for every cardio machines.
On the contrary, personal protocol rules that affect those around you have long been forgotten. The gym would be a more pleasant place for everyone if personal rules of conduct were respected. You have already amped up your push –up but it’s time to perfect your form on skills that we have overlooked at our gyms .It is just not the new year and resolution crowd that lacks etiquette because they may just not know better but even the experienced gym chronicles .
Exercising to music is motivating and fun. However, blasting your MP3 player at maximum volume is not. Keeping your private life private by turning off your phone while at the gym gives you the concentration needed to endure and perform. What about letting the trainer do his job? Offering unsolicited advice and correcting other people without permission will only increase the number of casualties subjected to injuries.
Tank tops, profuse sweating and mild grunting are accepted in almost all health clubs. But am not sure if torn, dirty clothing are. Though exercising will make you sweat and that can cause body odor, its considerate to wear good antiperspirant instead of strong sprays that will cause headaches and migraines to people with sensitive scents. Lastly, thank you for not spitting or disposing your used chewing gum at the water fountain. We have all been the victims and the culprits of these offenses but its time to stop. Be clean, honest and efficient during your workout session: it will make for a better experience we all can enjoy!
Mary is an MBA student at the University of Nairobi School of Business

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Euroguards.Net- To Guard While In Kenya On Holiday…Book Now.

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Clay Onyango

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On the occassion of Jamhuri Day, (Kenya’s National Day)
The Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya
H.E. Mrs. Purity W. Muhindi

Requests the pleasure of the company of

at a reception on Friday, 2nd December, 2011
Time: 18:00 – 20:30 Hours

Venue: Elite Palace Hotel
St Eriksgatan 115


P.S: For reasons of security, you RSVP: Telephone: 08-21 83 00

may be requested to show an identification.

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The TEVIN and ELIAS Funeral Committee is facilitating travelling arrangements of relatives in Kenya to attend the funeral of the two brothers at a date to be announced later.

Friends, well-wishers and sympathizers are invited to a fund-rising scheduled for Saturday the 29th of October 2011 from 1500hrs-2200hrs. The venue will be Skarpnäck Alle 33-34 in Skarpnäck.

Those interested in being actively involved in the Funeral/Fundraising arrangements are free to contact the Committee for further guidance. We need practical help on many matters and any help will be appreciated.

For those who will not be able to make it to the funds-drive, there is an active bank account to facilitate submission of contributions. The account number is: 8327-9 924083687-5 (Swedbank; Reference persons: Elizabeth or Milka). Your humble prayers and generous contributions will be highly appreciated.

For further information, please contact the following: 0765-684454 , 0736-694039,0704-193053 or 0739-259234.

Steve Khadir,
Tevin & Elias Funeral Committee


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Amani In Stockholm On The 29th October

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One of The most famous Kenyan artist AMANI Will be in Stockholm on The 29th Oct to perform at Västberga alle 15-25.Time fr.o.m. 2000hrs to 0500 am.

Amani who won Mtvs best AFRICAN AWARD in 2009,has also performed With The famous Rnb Guru R Kelly,Fally Ipupa and 2face.

Amani Will also perform in Geneva on the 4 Nov and in Greece on The 5 of Nov respectively.For more information ring 076 216 9132.

You are all welcome.
Clay Onyango.

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Mama Abdul Also Known As Beatrice-Steve Shabirs Wife Has Lost Her Sister.

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Mama Abdul has lost her elder sister in Kenya,there is an open house at Terapivägen 18 A.Since the sister will be buried on Saturday the 17th September,there will be a prayer meeting the same day at a lokal whose address will be announced later. To get to the residence, take the Pendeltåg and alight at Flemmingsberg. You can also take bus number 172 (Blue bus) which commutes between Norsborg and Skarpnäck. Alight at Hälsovägen or Södertorn Högskolan. For further information, call Steve at 0704193053073 or Sandy at 7803451.May Beatrices sister Rest in Peace.

Clay Onyango.

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A New Upcoming Kenyan Artist-Watch Out For Olivia!!!

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There is a new upcoming Kenyan /Swedish artist on the menu,her name is Olivia Waldermersson,the daughter to Evelyn Waldermersson and a sister to Catherine Maundu.She showed her talent recently in a function organised by the Stockholm Stad in Skarholmen and she won herself a few gigs, one being a performance with Kidum ,East Africa’s best artist and a few gigs that will be at Göta källare in a few months to come.

She will be a guest artist on Kidums performance in Sweden on the 24th of September 2011,address Västerberga alle 15-25.All the best gal!!! Dont mind the date,2011.September.

Clay Onyango.

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Basketball Party…..VÄSTBERGA ALLE 15-25

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Motivation From Billionaire Richard Branson…

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My dear readers,I know its been a while since I updated this blog.I have always been saying that I have been busy working or making money.Thats not an excuse at all.The other day I saw Richard Branson the Virgin Billionaire on the newspapers and i decided to google him to read more about him.I was surprised to find out that Richard,though a billionaire with all that money and a very tight schedule all the time,he still finds time to write and update his blog,Richard Branson blog.You would think as rich as he is,he does not use his hands to write but after going through his blog,I found out that the English langauge he is using is simple and clear just as bloggers do write.
This has really motivated me to make a come back because since making that stupid excuse that I have been busy to update butdoisay,I have not made a quarter of Branson’s quid and am still struggling.
Thanks Branson for motivating me.

Cheers Clay Onyango.

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Did Kenyans Learn Something From The Revolution In Libya?

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First I would like to congratulate any Libyan on the planet for ousting President Moammar Gadaffi who has been the President for the last 42 years.I hope other African leaders will learn from Egypt, Libya and Tunisians revolution.Its sad that after living like Kings in palaces,they will now end up in bird nests and probably die like dogs or maybe live in cages like lions in a zoo.

Surprisingly,since the revolution six months ago,I hope you would agree with me ,that we did not see any human slaughtering with machetes,knives and swords even though Libya has about 150 different tribes.We did not see dead bodies lying on the streets of Tripoli as it was in Kenya 4 years ago.There was no looting and demolitioning of Libya’s infrastructure as it was in Kenya 4 years ago too.

So what made Libyans so humble people? and what made Kenyans so cruel people?

Please speak your mind.

Clay Onyango.

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Grand Nyama Choma At Fittja Beach 30 July

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After the Grill party all roads will lead to Västberga alle 15- 25 for the grand party by Djs The Sound of Blackness.Same lokal as the Kidum lokal.Info call the numbers on the flyers.Dont miss!!
Clay Onyango.

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Kidum in Stockholm Pictures…

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Team Wazee Wa Kenya Stockholm Formed..

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Do you consider yourself a Kenya Stockholm mzee,we are forming a Kenyan wazee team to meet other wazes from other African countries this saturday the 23rd July at Skarpnäck IP.

May the following names show up at Skärpnäck IP on saturday.Mark Gaya,Ismail Naggy,Jacob Opande,Oti Goga,Joe Goga,Clay Onyango,Nicholas,Gonzo,Steve Shabir,Oti Marsta,Dj Jimmy,Ken Ofore,Councilor Mwaura,Manzoro,Steve Biko,Dan Aroka,Vincent Odede,Frank States,kindly inform others.PLease bring your football shoes.

For more info call Clay on 076 216 9132.Ps there will be beers before the match…

Clay Onyqngo.

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Kidum Concert In Stockholm A Blast…

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The True East African artist Kidum was in Stockholm last weekend to entertain his Scandinavia fans here.For those who missed,they missed an African event of a lifetime,not just because it was organised by me but due to the contribution the fans gave and the way the artist himself,KIDUM,performed the whole night.

This was not a concert where an artist comes and plays a playback,but a whole band.The gittarist,the pianist,the drummer the singer,I mean the whole band.

The program started with a grill party in Tanto park,where Kidum was to mingle with his fans and sing one song while playing his guitar.In the beginning people thought it was a mere rumour to attract people,but this was not the case.

Calls were coming in all the time asking his whereabout.

Kidum arrived at Tanto park in style, he was seated in a silver Jaguar followed by a silver Audi Q5,just like a real star he is.He was booked at Radison blu hotel a five-star,just like a star he is,there was no time of putting him in cheap hotels like IBIS or accommodate him with Nick or Harry.This guy is a star and he needs to be treated like a star.

Pictures at the Grill party coming soon.The concert story to follow…

Clay Onyango.

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Kidum Number Moja-16July Stockholm

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Kidum Live Change Of Venue 16 July Västberg alle 15-25

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Due to the high number of fans expected at the Kidum Show on Saturday 16th July 2011, the venue for the show has been moved from Bromma to Västberg and at a bigger venue that will allow fans to ventilate as they stretch their muscles to the beats of Kidum.

The Grill Party, where fans will have an opportunity to meet Kidum before the show, has also been moved to a more central location in the middle of Stockholm’s Business District. The grill will now take place at Tanto Park in Hornstull. Details are as follows:

Grill Party: Tanto Park in Hornstull from 15.00hrs
Concert Venue: Västberg Alle 15-25 in Västberg from 21.00-05.00hrs

Transport to Grill Party: Tube – Hornstull then walk to Tanto Park if you will not be on wheels.

Transport to Concert: Take train to Midsommarkransen. Locate Midsommarvägen 10. The address is below the bridge under the highway beside the Statoil station. This is a five minutes walk. Follow candles which will be lined along the road.

You can book advance tickets at or call: 076 216 9132
It will be the first time Kidum will be in Stockholm so make a date with one of East Africa’s most talented artist and experience him LIVE on stage. Make sure you get your photo shots for KSB during a night expected to be one of the most memorable and most exciting in the history of summer in Kenya-Stockholm.


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Global Community Football League 2011

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Message follows in Swedish

Hello, Coach, Captain, Manager,
It was good meeting you, As i briefly told you. We have organized the Global community football League since 2006. The league attracts nations , organizations, companies,and clubs. The league is organized by Kista Sports Club, and Friends in service international,
We would like to extend our invitation to your team to come and participate in this friendly, competitive and professionally organized football league.As part of the event we shall have music, company and participants exhibition, Barbeque, as well as technics and fun competitions. we shall also have a trainer and coaches training course.
The league will take place from the 16th July-17th July 2011.
SAT 16th July 2011. Time 12:00-19:00
SUN 17th July 2011. Time 12:00-20:00
Winners will be awarded a trophy and medals as well as different gifts to the best outstanding players.
Selected Outstanding teams and players will also have a chance to be part of the European Union Education through sports training course.
Registration fee for teams is 1000SEK. Reduced price for special groups

Reply to us and confirm your participation as we have limited number of places for teams.
You can also register, online on our websites.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.


På Svenska

Hej, Coach, Kapten, Manager,
Det var bra att träffa dig, som jag kort sagt. Vi har organiserat den globala League samhället fotboll sedan 2006. Ligan lockar nationer, organisationer, företag och klubbar. Ligan arrangeras av Kista Sports Club, och vänner i Tjänst International,
Vi vill utöka vår inbjudan till ditt team att komma och delta i denna vänliga, konkurrenskraftig och professionellt organiserad fotboll league.As del av evenemanget vi kommer att ha musik, och deltagarna utställning, grill, samt teknik och roliga tävlingar. Vi skall även ha en tränare och coacher utbildning.
Ligan kommer att äga rum från 16 JULI – 17 JULI 2011.
Lör 16 Juli 2011. Tid 12:00 till 19:00
Sön 17 Juli, 2011. Tid 12:00 till 20:00
Vinnarna kommer att tilldelas en pokal och medaljer samt olika gåvor till bästa enastående spelare.
Valda Enastående lag och spelare kommer också att ha en chans att vara en del av Europeiska unionen utbildning genom idrott utbildning.
Anmälningsavgift för lag är 1000 kronor. Reducerat pris för specialgrupper

Svara på oss och bekräfta ditt deltagande eftersom vi har begränsat antal platser för lag.
Du kan också registrera, online på våra webbsidor.

Tack och hoppas att höra från dig.

Friends in Service International

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Nyama Choma With Kidum On The 16 July

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The long-awaited nyama choma with East africa best musician KIDUM will be on Saturday 16 July.
Venue:Kvarbackvägen 10 in Bromma,6 minutes
walk from the concert venue Ranhammarsvägen 15 BROMMA.

Drinks will be served at a fair price.

Star Kidum will show up at the venue to mingle with his fans.

Transport to Nyama choma venue is: Train to BROMMAPLAN and then bus nbr 509 to Kvarnbacken 10,the bus stops name is jetverkstädarna.

Transport to Concert venue is: Train to Alvik and then bus 112 to RANHAMMARSVÄGEN 15.
Come one Come All!!!

Clay Onyango.

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Kenya Team 1-1 Burundi Team

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The long-awaited African tournament has already started with Kenya team drawing with the Burundi team.

Both teams showed a skillful match with the Burundi team scoring the first goal.
The Kenya team scored during the second half.

Before this match,the Sierra Leon team thrashed Ivory Coast 2-1.Both teams played a fair game.

This time the tournament is more organised than the first one.Seems like the organiser Jacob learned from the first one.Well done Jacob.Kenya team will meet Tanzania team on saturday.Please dont miss…

Clay Onyango.

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Match Date Time Team Venue Results

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Sports Association


Group A

Match Date Time Team Venue Results
1 Sunday 03/7 14.00 -15.10 Ivory Coast vs Sierra Leone Skarpnäcks Sportfält
3 Saturday 09/7 14.00 – 15.10 Mali vs Somalia Skarpnäcks Sportfält
5 Saturday 09/7 16.20 – 17.30 Guinea vs Ivory Coast Skarpnäcks Sportfält
7 Sunday 10/7 11.00 – 12.20 Ivory Coast vs Somalia Skarpnäcks Sportfält
8 Sunday 10/7 12.20 – 13.30 Sierra Leone vs Guinea Skarpnäcks Sportfält
11 Saturday 16/7 14.00 -15.10 Guinea vs Somalia Skarpnäcks Sportfält
13 Saturday 16/7 16.20 – 17.30 Sierra Leone vs Mali Skarpnäcks Sportfält
15 Sunday 17/7 15.10 -16.20 Sierra Leone vs Somalia Skarpnäcks Sportfält
17 Sunday 17/7 17.30 -18.40 Ivory Coast vs Mali Skarpnäcks Sportfält
19 Saturday 23/7 10.00 – 11.10 Guinea vs Mali Skarpnäcks Sportfält

Group B

Match Date Time Team Venue Results
2 Sunday 03/7 15.10 – 16.20 Burundi vs Kenya Skarpnäcks Sportfält
4 Saturday 09/7 15.10 – 16.20 Cameroon vs Burundi Skarpnäcks Sportfält
6 Saturday 09/7 17.30 – 18.40 Kenya vs Tanzania Skarpnäcks Sportfält
9 Sunday 10/7 13.30 -14.50 Tanzania vs Cameroon Skarpnäcks Sportfält
10 Sunday 10/7 14.50 -16.40 Kenya vs Benin Skarpnäcks Sportfält
12 Saturday 16/7 15.10 -16.20 Cameroon vs Kenya Skarpnäcks Sportfält
14 Saturday 16/7 17.30 – 18.40 Tanzania vs Benin Skarpnäcks Sportfält
16 Sunday 17/7 14.00 -15.10 Burundi vs Tanzania Skarpnäcks Sportfält
18 Sunday 17/7 16.20 -17.30 Benin vs Cameroon Skarpnäcks Sportfält
20 Saturday 23/7 11.10 – 12.20 Benin vs Burundi Skarpnäcks Sportfält


Match Date Time Team Venue Results
21 Saturday 23/7 12.20 – 13.30 Winner group A vs 2:nd group B Skarpnäcks Sportfält
22 Saturday 23/7 13.30 – 14.40 Winner group B vs 2:nd group A Skarpnäcks Sportfält

Match for third place

Match Date Time Team Venue Results
23 Saturday 23/7 14.40 – 15.50 Skarpnäcks Sportfält
Saturday 23/7 15.50 – 17.00 THE ELDERS MATCH Skarpnäcks Sportfält


Match Date Time Team Venue Results

24 Saturday 23/7 17 – 18.10 Skarpnäcks Sportfält

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Kidum live in Stockholm on the 16 July 2011.
Venue Ranhammarsvagen 15 in Bromma.Time from 2100 to 0500 am.There will be a grill party during the day to enable Kidum to meet his fans and take pictures.Grill location to be announced soon.
Dont miss it.Reserve your tickets on now.More info 076 216 9132.

Clay Onyango.

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Dj Jimmy Kuku Dance Part 6

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Dj Jimmy finally left the stage,leaving Awilos dancer asking for more…kuku dance…

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Dj Jimmy Kuku Dance…Part 5

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According to sensei Dj Jimmy,in this particular move,you twist your stomach like on the picture,to mix the kuku or ingokho in the stomach well as the digestion is taking place….Kuku dance.

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Dj Jimmy Kuku Dance Part 4

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Dj Jimmy Kuku Dance Part 3

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Dj Jimmys Kuku Dance part 2

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Kuku Kuku….

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DJ Jimmy Is Not As Shy As He Loooks….

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During Awilo Logombas concert,he asked Awilo if he could teach him some KUKU DANCE,this dance was discovered by Dj Jimmy himself,and it has become a famous dance among Kenyans in Sweden.Here are some Kuku dance steps being performed by the one and only…Dj Jimmy.

Clay Onyango.

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Sofia Graduation In Pics…

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A glance full of surprise and happiness,when the car rolled in….

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Sofia Graduation In Pics..

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Sofia Graduation…

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The Proud Kenyan Stockholm Parents Graduation Ceremonies…

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It’s amazing how are our Kids in Stockholm have grown so fast.I cannot imagine most of them are now graduating.This year 2011 Kenyan parents in Sweden have had many of their children graduating.I have attended many of these occasions but unfortunately,I couldn’t make it to some,but I just wish I could divide myself.I will mention a few that i knew of.I did attend Abdul and Rama Shabir,the sons to Steve a well-known Kenyan figure.Its amazing how these kids have been brought up,they are full of respect,ambitions and are definitely outgoing,they are pursuing to become flight engineers.With this profession, you have to be very good in mathematics and physics,these are the most fearful subjects of all.To hear these Kids going for this is, make me so proud of them.

-Then it was Teddy,Cathy Maundus son,another polite kid,full of respect,ambitions and obviously outgoing.He is pursuing to become a lawyer,another very good profession that needs many years of studying.This is one kid that would never pass you on the street,without rushing towards you to say hi.He is too full of respect and well mannered.Congrats Cathy for giving birth to this wonderful kid.Though born here,he can as well speak Swahili,just another plus!!!

-Then there was another Kenyan Stockholm pride by the name Grace.Though i don’t know her very well,am sure she is a plus and a plus.I missed her graduation ceremony,but all the best Grace and CONGRATULATIONS.

Another Kenyan Stockholm pride is Okoth Osewes daughter,Vivian, who is also graduating today.This is another kid full of respect and outgoing.Will do my best to attend her graduation tonight and find out what she is pursuing.We wish her all the best and Congratulations once again.
Another Kenyan Stockholm pride is milka’s son,Richie,he is also graduating today…all the best Richie and Congratulations.Keep up the respect!

Another Kenyan Stockholm pride happens to be my own daughter Sofia,she just graduated yesterday and I managed to travel all the way to attend her graduation ceremony in Lulea,north of Sweden.This is also one kid that has all the qualities of life.Just before her 19th birthday,she had already acquired a drivers licence.I was surprised to read on Lulea newspapers how she is one of the Swedish talented basket ballers.In one of the magazines,they praised her by saying how they were so proud of her,since she helped lulea basketball team thwart a Norwegian team,with 17 points.

-She is also competing in Horse ridding in Sweden, and just before her 19th birthday she has secured herself a job.How proud can i be as her father,she has really motivated my other kids and I hope they are following her footsteps.I didn´t know what to offer her as a present,but I surprised her with a car….she deserved it.All in all Congratulations to all these kids parents and of course myself.Kenya Stockholm parents Keep up the good work of raising your kidos!!!

Clay Onyango.

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Vote For Lisa Now…

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I have just casted my vote for Africa’s best gospel song ALITENDA by Lisa Muraya, a Kenyan residing in Sweden.LIsa has been nominated in the upcoming Africa Gospel awards, and to win she needs our support to vote,lets vote now for Lisa Muraya.
TO vote go to click on vote now and follow the instructions,its easy.All the best Lisa Muraya.

Clay Onyango.

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Lisa Muraya An Upcoming Kenyan Gospel Celebrity…VOTE NOW!!!

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Anthony Muraya den 1 juni 07:13

My wife, Lisah, is one of the nominees for the Africa Gospel Music Awards- an event held annually in London, now in it’s second year, whose purpose is to recognize and to celebrate the work of the gospel sector, and to showcase the talent, innovation and success of African gospel artistes.

Lisah is in the “best song” – Alitenda- and “best artiste/s (Europe)” categories. To vote for her, please visit; and follow instructions under the link “vote”.

I like the song “Alitenda” not just because Lisah sang it but also because it reminds me of God’s faithfulness any time I’m challenged by a need. It reminds me that because He did it in the past– to me or to someone else whose testimony I’ve heard– He will do it even now that I need a miracle.
It gives me hope to know that because alitenda, atatenda again.

I therefore ask you to take 2 minutes and visit and vote for Lisah Muraya in the “best song” and “best artiste/s Europe” categories.

You can also listen to the song on YouTube by searching Lisah Muraya- alitenda, if you haven’t gotten a copy of the cd yet.

Thanks and may God bless you.

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JUNE 3rd, Live in concert MAGIC SYSTEM & AWILO MAKONDE URKRAFT Manchenbryggeriet Tickets 08-1620665, 08-212281

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Zion Heights Reggae Mix..

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Sound Of Blackness Party

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MADARAKA DAY INVITATION- 29 May 2011.Time 1400 Hrs

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The Ambassador of Kenya Mrs Purity Muhindi and Dr Joe Muhindi Request the pleasure of the company of Kenyans at a reception on SUNDAY 29 May 2011 ,from 1400 hrs to 1700 hrs at the Residence,KENYA HOUSE in Nacka.

To Confirm and directions kindly call 08-21 83 00.

Retrieved from the embassy website.

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Magic System and Awilo Longomba Information.

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On June 3, 20.00-03 held what must be the biggest African party evening in Stockholm ever.
World Artists Magic System and Awilo Longomba are just two of the names that will fill the Munich brewery dance floor.

In the name of The Africa Culture Mega Party 2011 will also be local bands Makonde, Urkraft and Jung Gentleman Jeff to give the audience everything they have. DJ’s Mike & Maleeq with his Swagga, Multi Kulti-Magnus with the Orient, Humbal Crew with Mbalax and Jim, Dutty P & Ras I Door with reggae and dancehall ensure that the party of four dance floors and an equal number of scenes never have a peaceful moment, while the chef makes us satisfied with various African specialties.

Artists: Magic System, Awilo Longomba, Makonde, Urkraft & Jung Gentleman Jeff.
Where: Münchenbryggeriet
When: Friday, June 3, 2011
Door: 20:00 to 03:00
Live: 21.00.

Advance booking: 430 + fee
18 YEARS +

Taj Mahal 08 212281
Vison’s Retail 08-4620665
Sound Killa 08 6541400
Mawdoo Streetwear: 08-7508887

press photo Magic System:

press photo Awilo Longomba

press photo ancient power

Drop: Super African Party Stockholm 2011

pressbild Magic System:
pressbild Awilo Longomba
pressbild urkraft

drop: Super African Party Stockholm 2011

Tm / Tel: 0736 1836 87

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Magic System,Awilo Logomba 03 June 2011,Munchenbryggeriet.

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MAGIC SYSTEM AND AWILO LOGOMBA ON THE SAME dancing floor in Stockholm on the 03 June.Dont miss it.Come one come all!!! This is a must see concert..See you there..Buy Your tickets now!!!

CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN> Super African Party

drop: Awilo Longomba to all his fans in Stockholm

Clay Onyango.

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The Secret Question I Have Always Wanted To Ask You…

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I have had a secret that i have had for so many years.I have always wanted to Ask my friends but i didn’t know how.This has really affected my family and my fellow Kenyans ,both in Kenya and abroad.This question might affect you too that is reading this article right now.I dont know if i should ask it or keep it to myself.Please dont blame me if it affects you..

The question is, is it true that the price of Spinach has gone up?….yani siamini…ati bei ya sukuma imepanda.?….lol

Clay Onyango.

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Majority Think Its Sweeter In The Bedroom And Not The Kitchen….

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They say its sweeter on the sofa ,and some say its sweeter in the Bathroom,some in the car,while some under the tree,many in Africa say its sweeter when you do it in the bush.There are many ways you can do it,standing,sitting,bending but the best of all is kneeling down while facing the moon.

I mean the prayer,you sick minded people…

Clay Onyango.

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Osama Is Gone But Has Left Michell Obama And The World Stuttering..

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The Osama story is still occupying the media world,you press Sky news,CNN,BBC,ALJAZEERA,KBC and many others,the news is just Osama.He is a gone case now but has left the world stuttering.The only person who is not stuttering is President Obama himself.

The first day the breaking news announced that he OSAMA was killed,the news caster himself was heard stuttering.Stuttering in a manner that instead of saying OSAMA has been captured, he stuttered and said Obama and suddenly rectified to OSAMA.Many people are incidentally saying OBAMA too and then rectifys to Osama.This story is too sweet that its spoken by everyone at least every second.

I mentioned the first lady Michell Obama too,because i assume Osamas name has been on their dinner table everyday for the last 8 months,that she sometimes confuses to call the husband’s name and calls him “OSAMA”, and then she goes like, Oh sorry “Obama!!!”

Imagine Michell Obama going like this,”OSAMA DINNER IS SERVED”,or OSAMA AM GOING TO SLEEP….these too names are too alike that we wont stop stuttering.Are you also stuttering? Please let us know….

Clay Onyango.

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Is Lady X Mentally Sick And Needs Our Help?

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There is a Kenyan lady, namely lady x,who might be mentally sick and needs our support.The lady has been moving around Stockholm begging for money from passersby.I have personally bumped into her 3 times and all she does is begging money.I think her problem is mental and she needs help.

Can any close relative or friend arrange for a meeting where we can discuss how to help her if she is not getting any help from somewhere else.She is a mother with a son and according to some sources,she was evicted out of her house some years back.

Last week, the owner of a garage that repairs my car asked me if i knew a Kenyan by the name Lady x who is begging around.

He asked me to ask her to stop doing that because it’s a bad habit,i guess he does not know she is mentally sick.Do you know lady X,please advice how we can support her,whether financially or physically.

Clay Onyango.

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2011 African Challenge Cup In Sweden Is On The Making..

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Please, send this to the various responsible leaders of the various categories of your team.

Junior/Girls 15-19
Junior/Boys 15-19
Senior/Boys 20 and above

Now, time has come for the second Edition of the African Challenge Cup.

The first weekend of July is the date of the launch of the SAAS African Challenge Cup, a tournament which focuses on player’s development.

We believe in Swedish style of football in which young and talented players are given the opportunity to shine.

For this reason, we made an innovation this time by adopting an approach which mixes class and categories, unlike last year when we had categories alone.

Boys and girls who are 15-19 years old belong to the same category and are welcome to form a team. The same case applies to boys who are 20 and above.

In categories 15-19 and 20+, dispensation will automatically be given to two players per team who are one year over-aged at the maximum. Girls may play in boy’s teams in category 15-19.

This approach will allow us to identify organizations or teams which are seriously committed to Youth development while the process will also allow us to identify the stars of tomorrow.

To encourage all participants, the three winning teams in each category will share a prize while the winning team in each category will receive the prestigious trophy of the SAAS African Challenge Cup.

Do not wait!

Note: We believe in the principle of “first come first serve” and therefore, we request interested participants to register their teams as soon as possible to be certain of entry into the tournament. This year, participation will be limited to 24 teams.

We will also allow an Association to have two teams in the same category if there will be room.

Register your team today!

Best regards.

SAAS African Challenge Cup Organizing Team
Mob: 070-352 26 26

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The Ritz Society Is Doing A Great Job.

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Last month the Ritz society organised an African Got talent in Sweden on Silja line cruise to Finland that was a success, but maybe, a bit messed up by the Silja line host.Unlike the other event Miss Africa Scandinavia they organised last year,the turn up was not so good as the later.

In business sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t this should not stop them from trying .All the same keep up the good work!!!

Now i take you to some African behaviours that might mess this organisers that are trying really hard to put Africans together:

Firstly,our African audience,please lets learn to respect any event organised by our fellow Africans.I saw some brothers trying to get into events without paying which led to some skirmishes at the events gate.This is quite embarrassing,the Ritz dedicates its time and money to organise these events and its a shame to feel superior and create havoc.

Secondly,our African audience,if you don’t have cash to buy food on board this cruise, stay at home.You are humiliating the entire Ritz and of course your brothers and sisters.
Why do you have to take a used plate with some food remains and eat it or wipe it and then go for an ad on?

You don’t even know the person who used this plate,he might have had tuberculosis or any other disease.SHAME ON YOU!!

Thirdly,why were there many complaints that drinks were missing from the tables.You buy a drink from the bar,you sip it twice,you rush to the dancing floor and when you come back,your table is empty and some Bros are too full???Do i need to answer really?? Shame shame!!!

Clay Onyango.

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