Osama Is Gone But Has Left Michell Obama And The World Stuttering..

Posted on May 8, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized |

The Osama story is still occupying the media world,you press Sky news,CNN,BBC,ALJAZEERA,KBC and many others,the news is just Osama.He is a gone case now but has left the world stuttering.The only person who is not stuttering is President Obama himself.

The first day the breaking news announced that he OSAMA was killed,the news caster himself was heard stuttering.Stuttering in a manner that instead of saying OSAMA has been captured, he stuttered and said Obama and suddenly rectified to OSAMA.Many people are incidentally saying OBAMA too and then rectifys to Osama.This story is too sweet that its spoken by everyone at least every second.

I mentioned the first lady Michell Obama too,because i assume Osamas name has been on their dinner table everyday for the last 8 months,that she sometimes confuses to call the husband’s name and calls him “OSAMA”, and then she goes like, Oh sorry “Obama!!!”

Imagine Michell Obama going like this,”OSAMA DINNER IS SERVED”,or OSAMA AM GOING TO SLEEP….these too names are too alike that we wont stop stuttering.Are you also stuttering? Please let us know….

Clay Onyango.


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