Keeping Fit Relationships..

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Keeping fit relationships.
By: Mary Wanjiku Gichuhi
Looking at a recent fitness program on a local media house on women trying to lose weight I wondered whether their relationships are equally fit as they would like to be. The question of whether fitness has anything to do with healthy relationships is worth pondering.
I believe that, “I am nothing without good health”. Good health streams from the health triangle: physical, mental and social well being. Not being fit in the three aspects can lead to unhealthy relationships. I believe that the passion of enjoying good relationships and marriages can only be ramped up by empowering oneself with the tools and motivation needed to get fit and stay healthy. Enhancing fitness levels directly improves the quality of both life and relationships.
Listening to radio talk shows couples have constantly complained of their overweight spouses which is straining their relationships. Some have even joked about the vows they made from until death do us part to until you gain 50 pounds whichever comes first. Attraction has been obviously the key to all healthy relationships.
Keeping fit has its benefits in relationships. Stress reduction, looking good, improved energy levels and reduced injuries are some of the physical benefits. Improved self confidence and improved self esteem are among the emotional benefits that fuel renewed passion in relationships and marriage as a whole.
Statistics reveal that apart from financial issues, most broken marriages are as a result of sexual dooms. Chances are, by the time most couples marry, they have had their better share of the best sex in their lives. The theory of diminishing returns states that “as consumption of the same product increases, the gratification-in this case- sexual fulfillment will not be as rewarding as in previous experiences.” This theory applies to sexual partners because as couples continue to have sex, the enjoyment level slowly starts to decrease. There is a remedy, with a committed effort in keeping fit and staying healthy, they can always make it better.
A little gyming, walking, jogging and outdoor cycling will not only better your sex life but also improve productivity to get work done more efficiently and free up more time for recreation. Feeling good by having a fit lifestyle will make you a better husband or wife. Those who live a fit lifestyle will agree with me that it is critical in clearing ones head to dealing with financial issues. Interesting but true is that patience with spouse and children is also enhanced.
Who wants to be branded a couch potato? Through experience, gyming at least four times a week keeps my body in shape giving it the activity it wants and was designed for. It also gives me my space and something else to do. Life is all about choices, choose to stay fit and healthy!

Mary is an MBA student at the University Of Nairobi School Of Business


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Great article Mary..aticles lyk this will help keep the fire burning in most unromantic kenyan marriages

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