Ceremonys To Welcome Railas Daughter in law-SHIRO…

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Prime Minister Raila Odinga poses for a picture with Mr and Mrs James Wanguhu, the chaiman of Nairobi Stock Exchange at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s Mousoleum in Bondo on Saturday. The couple had accompanied their niece, Veronica Shiro Ng’ang’a, the wife of Fidel Odinga to the Odinga’s rural home in Bondo.


  1. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that Honorable Raila Odinga was undergoing, torn between a country in chaos over the Luo-Kikuyu conflict, and a potential sacred union of the two tribes as symbolized by what I am looking at now….butdoisay



    Way to go Fidel, hopefully this will show kenyans that our generation does not care about tribalism. This is your boy from Dallas. Salamia Godu and Fidel Ngure pia…butdoisay. Antoine

  2. Comment:

  1. its funny how most of the youth this days get married to people from different communities, and tribalism almost tore the face of our country,Fidel and Veronica Odinga should be role models to every community in kenya….. WE ARE ONE PEOPLE THAT SHARE THE SAME CULTURE….butdoisay.
  2. Butdoisay comment:
  3. Lets look at it this way, “Odm will punish Pnu for the next 9 months”, though a joyful punishment, they will merge and become one, AND GIVE BIRTH TO..”MASTER ODUMPUNU ODINGA”
  4. Reliable source

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4 Responses to “Ceremonys To Welcome Railas Daughter in law-SHIRO…”

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Facebook affair: Phase of online innocence?

Published on 22/08/2008

By Stevens Muendo

Mid last week, a hate mail was posted on the Pulse mailbox with the writer alleging that the star of a popular hit track was cheating on his wife.

Valerie Kimani: Will perform in SA
It sounded like one of those blazing mountains from a jilted lover out to settle scores. Pulse took this piece of information with a pinch of salt.

The writer claimed that the artiste, currently living in Sweden, with his family was having a Facebook affair with a Tanzanian beauty named Faizah Shamimu.

“I have proof that the artiste… is cheating on his wife… only two months after she gave birth to their two-month-old baby boy,” the email read.

“He has been chatting with a 19-year-old female from Tanzania on Facebook not mentioning that he is in [Europe] with his wife,” the writer ranted and raved.

Should the claims pass as true, it would be easy to conclude that the artiste – out of the romantic undertones and sexual nature in the mails – has been flirting with the said beauty on Facebook.

The two are in fact signed-up Facebook friends. Besides the artiste are other local celebs, among them Kriss Darlin, Robert Kamanzi, Jimw@t, Eve D’Souza, Bamboo and Lyrical Assasins.

Last Sunday afternoon the said Faizah wrote on her page that she was having a bad day.
Esther Arunga

“My day has just been ruined. To correct you, I don’t come between relationships. Sorry Salma.” The notification in her box read in what seemed to be brewing beef between her and another girl.

Indeed, I am now one of Faizah’s Facebook friends just as I am the artiste’s who I tagged on Monday, this week. I love Facebook just like other Pulsers. It’s a one-stop shop, a social network through which many make new buddies. After a week of communication, I am now getting to know Faizah better. She says she hasn’t been dating the artiste and that those who hate her are creating a wedge between them.

Though my two good newfound friends might not be secret Facebook lovers as portrayed in the mail, the truth is that — besides other practices — many Pulsers among them popular celebs are now using the new Internet sensation as a dating site.

Facebook can be fun. In a flash of a second, all Kenzo’s friends would know that he is on his way to KBC for an interview (that was Monday), that the artiste is recording another hot song (that was Tuesday), that Faizah is in bed alone in her birthday suit…feeling naughty… that Janet Chapia, my other Facebook friend is in a spiritual mood screaming; “The Lord is my saviour” It’s a whole lot of fun but watch out, stalkers are on the prow!

It was only last week when a girlfriend to an artiste signed to Ogopa Records came under fire when the music star sought to know why she had been suggestively chatting with a particular friend through Facebook.

He suspected that something fishy was going on between the two. The lovebirds are now breaking up.

“I have a girlfriend whom I met through Facebook. We have been chatting for the last four months and now we are planning to meet. She sounds like she is the right girl for me,” said Daniel, a 23-year-old college student. He adds that half of his college mates are Facebook fanatics.

“Everybody is on Facebook now. Forget MySpace and Gmail. This is the only way to link up with your old friends as well as make new friends. After all it is cheaper than communicating through text messages and telephone calls,” notes Evelyn, a 25-year-old beautician.

“I don’t mind getting a date through Facebook. I love celebs and I have several of them as my friends. I chat daily with one local artiste,” she adds giggling, almost suggesting that hers could be a flirty rendezvous.

Bamboo and a former girlfriend.
The Facebook craze has brought unexpected pleasure to millions of Pulsers worldwide, with the youth dedicating most of their free time to chat through the utility. And a new social network, Bebo is on its way here. Bebo was a craze among UK youth, a year ago.

It could either be out of sheer curiosity, an urge to make new friends, connect with old ones, find people with common interests or get new business partners that drives those who join the network. As celebrated singer, Eric Wainaina explains.

“The privileges can also turn sour. Sometimes people can use your Facebook information against you,” he says.

The award-winning singer has the highest number of Facebook friends, with one of his groups consisting of over 5,000 fans.

While soulful singer, Karen Lucas (Kaz) has over 1,200 friends in her friend’s box, KTN news anchor Esther Arunga has a group named ‘Esther Arunga Is A Goddess’, with over 500 fans. Another new group named, ‘When I Grow Up, I Would Like To Marry Janet Mbugua’ has 47 members.

In fact, some groups are created by ‘enemies’ of some of our celebs who are out to portray them negatively before the public eye. I was in shock when I came across a group claiming the name of another popular news anchor under the code ‘I Would Sleep With ‘Her’ Anytime In The Middle Of Koinange Street’, with 15 men up.

“I have signed-up about 300 friends most of whom are my music fans,” says singer Choku, of The Calif Angels, who maintains that to her, Facebook is an ideal site to connect with her music fans.

“But I have had stalkers chasing me through Facebook as well. There was this American man I had signed-in. After months of chatting, he said he was in love and coming to Kenya to meet me. He was suggesting that I become his love. In the shock, I deleted him from my list of friends. I mean, until then, I only thought we were mutual innocent buddies only to find that he had his other far fetched ideas,” she explains.

Just like many other Facebook users who like keeping their face a mystery, Rat-a-tat, the other half of Calif Angels has a picture of her and a friend.

“That is made to keep stalkers away as they wouldn’t know how I look. I signed-up as Rat-a-tat Flows so as to conceal my identity from the common stalkers,” she reveals.

It is a common feature for users to change their profiles as well as their identity in Facebook time after time. Today, a girl has her status as being ‘in a serious relationship’. The next day she declares herself ‘single’ willing to hook up.

“Just the other day a popular radio presenter invited me into his Facebook and said that he wanted us to discuss some business. I was so impressed, thinking I had landed a business partner,” says Tina (24) who merchandises local fashion wear.

But to her shock, after she accepted to meet him in a city restaurant, the radio presenter had some other ideas in mind – beer and sex.

“You looked irresistible in Facebook and I thought of dating you. I close shop at 9pm and I would like us to meet tonight, have drinks and go to my house. I hope you live alone and you will be comfortable putting up with me for a night,” the Facebook predator had dared before the dazed lady slammed him with a “hell no you pimp’ response.

Embarrassed of his scandalous ways, the radio presenter drove off in a huff. He has been seeking an apology since then for fear of being exposed.

“It’s good to tread carefully when it comes to who your Facebook friends are and the amount of personal information you put in there as the same can be used against you,” notes Channel O Music Video Awards nominee, Amani.

But some Pulsers believe social network sites create a good forum for hooking up with a good number of males admitting that they love to flirt with lady friends on Facebook.

“What’s wrong with flirting on Facebook? I mean this is one of those things you do to relax your mind after a taxing day in the office. After all, it’s becoming expensive to take a girl out for coffee date in a good joint like Java. I would rather chat with my Internet girlfriends and go home a stress free and happy man,” says Eric, 27, an Information Technology consultant working with a leading city firm.

“I met this girl on Facebook the other day. She has been calling me, asking to meet me. But I have been chickening out. I don’t know if she is as beautiful as she looks in her Facebook pictures, though she sounds exciting,” jokes Brian Okoyo, a Form Three student at Sunshine. As part of a dare, his friends have encouraged him to meet her.

“It’s a boy thing. What’s wrong with trying out,” challenges one Brian’s nieces.

In US, a sex assault victim seeking compensation faces the prospect of her Facebook pages being produced in court. In Texas, a driver whose car was involved in a fatal accident found his posting (I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a drunkaholic) as part of the prosecution’s case. From Los Angeles to Lowestoft, thousands of social network site users have lost their jobs or failed to clinch new ones because of their pages’ contents. And even closer home, police and other government institutions are said to be monitoring Facebook pages for what they would deem to be ‘inappropriate’ content.

Hi Menon, i appreciate for the advice.cheers.

He´llo wakenya this aint any.We need to be real.


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