Shock As Woman Castrates Husband….

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By Kipruto Lang’at

A newly wedded woman castrated her husband — and attributed her action to evil spirits. The incident, which took place at Silibwet near Bomet Town at the height of the December festivities, is still the talk of the area.

The tragic event had its origin at a party where new circumcision initiates were being feted after the end of their seclusion period. As is the custom, the traditional brew, busaa, which old men sipped through traditional pipes, was in abundance. There was song and dance for the young initiates. The woman, known as Chepchumba, appeared even though she had not been invited.

Her demeanour changed immediately she saw her husband dancing with another woman. After pulling him aside, the two engaged in a heated exchange before the husband went back to his dance partner.

Like any young wife, Chepchumba, who dropped out of school to wed, had wanted to spend the evening with her husband. Old men at the party poured scorn on her lack of manners for daring pull her husband aside.

“He is all over the place, kissing and dancing with other women while I’m alone at home. This is unacceptable,” she shouted.

The old men were taken aback, but did not want anybody to interfere with their ‘honey’ as busaa is known locally.

“Ani amei nei chepyosok eng betusyechu, matinyei tegis agot kitigin (What happened to the women nowadays, they have no sense of respect)?” one was heard whispering to another.

Unable to take the husband away, Chepchumba left but not without a chilling warning.

“Take your sweet time with these women but I will castrate you once you come back home,” she said.


As soon as the husband got home, he was met by an angry woman wielding a kitchen knife.

“I hope you have had your fill of women because you will lose your manhood today. You made me drop out of school because you claimed to love me but what are you doing to me now?” she asked him angrily.

“You can castrate me if you wish, dear, but I will not take insults from a woman. In fact, I can even remove my trouser right now,” the man responded.

He went on to explain that the woman he was dancing with was a former classmate and there was nothing going on between them. All this while, he was busy removing his trousers and didn’t see his wife go for the offending organ.

It happened in a flash, and it took some seconds for the reality to sink in. Like one in a trance, the wife just stood there with glazed eyes.

She screamed that demons had invaded their home. The husband later confessed that indeed his wife had been like one possessed by evil spirits.

“I love her very much but she has severed what makes me love her even more,” he said from his hospital bed where he sought treatment.

The wife meanwhile had been taken to Chepkiswet police post in Silibwet.

The matter, however, has since been concluded and the couple got converted and were even baptised at the local Deliverance Church.


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17 Responses to “Shock As Woman Castrates Husband….”

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It should be every Woman’s right to castrate
her husband. She should not need a reason nor
should she be held accountable. He should be
made to pay her for castrating him and should
publicly thank her. All Wives should at some
point, exercise their natural right to cut off
whatever part of her husband’s body that
offends her and he should be forced to give
thanks to her on national television after
paying her for this honor.

What are you sniffing at or smoking dear Aaron?

you are a moron aaron, if it is a woman’s right to castrate her husband then it is a man’s right to chop off his wife’s breasts or burn her vagina!

Come on guys, stop being dramatic, its called Irony. Aaron is being sarcarstic. of course no one has a right to do the above! Hope his john got fixed.

i still find some humor in this reporting, ati “”””” I love her very much but she has severed what makes me love her even more,”he said from his hospital bed where he sought treatment””””

as in love her………. literary? ama? lol….

There is no quid pro quo, mack. If a Woman castrates her husband, he has no right to do anything at all in retaliation. Men should never do anything to harm a Woman. SHE is the one who is exalted, not him. Women are our superiors and when a Wife detremines that her husband deserves that kind of punishment, he should just spread his legs and make it easy for her to castrate him. Then he should thank her for giving him guidance and direction as well as punishment. A Woman has infinite wisdom and intelligence. She alone can determine if he needs to have his testicles removed. That man is fortunate that he has found a Woman who will take the time to teach him. I am sure that he has learned his lesson.

yes, aaron is right, and the husband hasnt to go alone to dancing without her wife!
and if they have made their childs, he doesnt need his balls for loving her. to be suckled is the hottest kind of sex for the most wifes – i believe- and for this he doesnt need this tools….

If i had a Woman that wanted to castrate me, i would ask Her not to do it violently. I would strip for Her and ask Her to tie me down or nail me to the floor so that i would not be tempted to move when She began Her process of castrating me. Before She did it i would ask that She allow me to take a vow to dedicate my life to Her and to server Her as Her eunuch and cuckold. It is hard to find a Woman who would really do it. I envy this man for his wonderful Wife.

Aaron is a masochist of the extreme variety who believes women as Goddesses and men as slaves for his sexual needs. It is this breed of men who are dangerous to mankind as they are responsible for today’s pathetic status of men all over the world.

for kitchen knife, i would always use ceramic kitchen knifes because they are sharper and tougher than steel knifes ,-~

Girls,please some one cut my penis and balls? Pls give address. I will come.

what if the man wants the woman to chop off his manhood ? joking but woman does it?

Hiyo ni porojo tu….

I am so very interested in getting castrated that I would want to find Chepcumba here and have her do me the finest castration ever performed by woman upon man–I want her to make me slick.

my manhood wants to be removed immediately,to make me more embracable in the woman’s world, where I really belong–I know how to play women’s games in their way, and no longer belong with the men.

upon total smooth surgery, I want any man to be able to feel free to place his manhood in my mouth and permit me to show him why he is there.

you people are seriously messed up in the mind especially you aaron. women can not cut off anything on a mans body. quit acting like these fucked up castrating bithces are such goddesses if anything since men are superior to women if a women cuts off anything on a man a man has the right to do the same to her or even worse. if a women ever castrates a man she should be put straight to death for doing such a messed up in-humane act. all you men willing to have this done to are just a discrace. men are superior and always will be

The husband may not have deserved to be castrated, but the story does turn me on. I am a male of a multitude of mixed personality traits and i wish i were her husband because i’ve been searching for years to find a Dominant woman to emasculate me and make me her toilet.

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