Common Gym Myths…

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Common gym myths.
By: Mary Wanjiku Gichuhi
I am very keen on going to the gym, and the guy who was lifting besides me this morning looked like he should write the book on muscle. Talked like it, too. He’s worked out like forever, played football, and he’s big. But that doesn’t mean he knows what he was talking about. Starting now, I ignore him.

The gym is infested with bad information. Lies that start with well intentioned teachers trickle down to students who become coaches or know –it –all gym preachers. Some people are blessed with good genes and will look great no matter the type of training they get at the gym. Everyone is unique and so what works out for one person will not necessarily produce the same results in another. Determining what works for your body is half the battle of fitness so next time while listening to what the gym preacher has to say, make sure you analyze it and see how well it will apply to your own situation.

We are all looking at maximizing results while minimizing time and effort in the gym. Confusion may however keep many couch potatoes from getting into shape. Getting Kenyans off their cozy couches and into their feet could save lives yet most people are either sedentary or only minimally active.

Gym myths can lead to wasted time, frustration and if taken blindly as truths, they can really set back your progress in the gym. Ever seen the guy laying in the corner doing thousands of sit –ups in his quest for a six-pack? Relate to this few statements : Its only a good workout if you are sore the next day; Running on a treadmill is better for your joints than pavements; More hours spent in the gym leads to better results; wearing a lot of clothes while working out helps burn more fat; If you want to be strong, you need to get huge; if someone looks fit, they know what they are talking about; there are magic diets and pills ;supplements will do all the work and that gyms are only for young people.

The most interesting and best known myth is that when women lift weights, they’ll become stiff, bulky and inflexible. This is not true. Lifting weights has great benefits for women, from an increased metabolism ,to a smaller ,more feminine shape ,to maintaining bone density ,improve heart health, increase strength, control weight, improve on flexibility and balance and also makes a woman feel better and more confident.

With all the myths at your disposal, it is very important to keep motivated and stick to your program. Rather than becoming a victim of bad information, use critical thinking every chance you get. Ask yourself where all information and advice is coming from and what the credibility of its source is. If necessary, do your own research to find out just what truth the claim has. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Mary is an MBA student at the University Of Nairobi School Of Business


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