Respect Africans In Diaspora …

Posted on July 1, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Do you know what appears in foreign heads…When you say the term Africa!!!…Poverty…Aids…Malaria….Stinking and beggers…but you know what..we are better than that…ask me why? Africans have many different tribes,in Kenya alone we have about 40 different tribes..meaning we do not speak the same tribe but then we have Swahili and English to be able to communicate with one another and when we migrate abroad,we learn other foreign languages.Our journey starts from far…talk of me for example….I can speak English,Swedish,Japanesse,Swahili,Luhya,Kikuyu and a little German….as an African man,dont you think I deserve some respect? I remember one time,I was travelling from Busia by  bus with my late mum…the bus lights broke down some where in the forest…the driver decided to use the torch while driving at 30 kilometers per hour…it was around midnight and he decided to stop after a few hours of struggling..we had to sit on the bus until 0600 am to continue with our journey….we later arrived in Nairobi after about 20 hours..this is a struggling African man…stayed in Nairobi for many years…of course very broke….but managed to fix a ticket to travel away from the struggle…still a struggling African man…boarded the plane with 20 dollars in my pocket and was almost deported at heathrow Airport in London since I did not have enough pocket money…braved my way out and was allowed to board the plane to Sweden…still a struggling African man ….arrived in Sweden overstayed with no proper papers….worked my ways out and fixed my papers..studied Swedish and passed..still a struggling African man…went to Ikea last week and bought a lot of furniture after 2 days I realised that one of the table stands was not able to screw,so I decided to take it back as adviced by Ikea…it was worth about 25 Kronors  and I needed to change it…the Ikea employee looked at it and said it was my fault …what!! racial?? I ordered for the boss who said I should get a new one immediately……see …still a struggling African man….now not that broke….at least 1oo-naire…who knows maybe a miljonaire some day….still a struggling African man..struggle struggle struggle is our diaspora anthem ….butdoisay.!!!..keep on struggling AFRICAN MEN AND WOMEN IN DIASPORA…..

True survival story.Clay Onyango

PS.Please feed me with your stories too…..


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4 Responses to “Respect Africans In Diaspora …”

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well done man, life is a struggle and whoever thinks that africans are bongo lala, pls read this mans story. every african abroad has a story, since coming to europe and america is becoming a no go zone for africans, we have no otherewise but find our own way and here we are. as long as they missused our land,corrupted our leaders to the extend that they cannot see the poverty, we will still be comming here using any possible route. some of us die trying,but many of us have made it. so my fellow africans let us work hard in this country and be focust on what has brought us here and that is better life for ourself and our familys back home. let us make them proud in doing things they will be saying “hi nyumba, ploti,shule,gari.shamba ni ya mwana wefwe ako nga`mbo.

hit the nail on the head….still am an african woman….butdoisay…

Mr clay you must be the funniest guy in Sweden plse come with more intresting stories

Hallo mr clay you must be the most funniest guy among diasporans in Sweden
please come up with more intresting stories.

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