Alcohol Rules To Change Life In Central Province-Kenya

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The new alcohol rules will change the lifestyle of many central province women in Central Kenya.Some months ago,the central province women were complaining that their men are always drunk that they forget to do their bedroom duties.Men were always in pubs and then on the streets half dead.

Before these rules were established,some good samaritans were debating whether to send a a few lorries loaded with men from Nyanza and pour them in Central province to bring a happy mood to the Central province women.Some Kikuyus businessmen decided to do the business.They decided to charge 10,000 Kes per person for any Kisumu boy willing to board the trucks for pleasure in Central Province.Their business boomed.The trucks were were full loaded within an hour or two.

A few lorries were actually on the way from Othumo(Kisumu) but when they arrived in Nairobi,the new alcohol rule was implemented.Instead of the lorries driving back to Kisumu with the Kisumu boys…lol,it abandoned them in Nairobi since there was no business.</em>The truck driver was no where to be seen

The Kisumu boys were left roaming in Nairobi,but I understand some of them boarded matatus to central province to accomplish their dream.When they arrived,all the men in Central province were sober waiting with Rungus.

The new rules have made the central province men sober,since they are allowed to consume alcohol only from 1700 Hrs to 2300 Hrs.If anyone is found drinking before the mentioned time,they are fined 30,000 Kenya Shillings or 6months in prison.They are known as “MUTUTHO RULES”.

Clay Onyango.Ps. just for your humor…


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