“The Picketors Vs Walambaji..”Does Ean Wuod Luo Has A Point?

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Make me understand.Either am so far behind that l think am infront.When the MP`s were in Europe for two weeks ,were they on this mission to be with Kenyans in the diaspora ,or on specific Govt.business,and if so ,was holding consultations with Kenyans in Europe part of their brief.
At the same time it is also incumbent upon the Embassy to be posting a newsletter ,informing Kenyans in Scandinavia and the public at large, about such visits .This is standard administrative fare in most embassies and consulates worldwide.It enables anyone with matters to be resolved have time to channel them without resorting to measures such as picketing the ambassadors residence or any other event as the case might be.
It would be unwise and rather futile to be making hasty assumptions without facts ,yes the MP`s did travel to Europe on taxpayers money ,yes they were on Govt. duty.The Chief Whip has in fact been to this country several times ,then why all the fuss this time around .Did he choose not to engage with Kenyans in Stockholm ,if so why is the ambassador taking the heat.Could somebody in the know enlighten me ,do visiting dignitaries have freedoms,including whom to associate with while on tours of duty abroad or are they sheperded at the whim of the anbassador?Also ,do they have to meet kenyans.Has anyone asked were the invitations sent out in private or official capacity.Enlighten me Clay.This is my opinion ,anyone having beef with the Ambassador ,should as is the protocol put it down in writing ,table the issues then have the problem discussed and probably solved .Kama sio hivyo ,if one has hard facts of crimes or actions committed that may be interpreted as being carried out with “impunity”(latest catch phrase)be suspected ,inform the relevant authorities to take the necessary steps.Na isi toshe ,no one represents anybody in any school of thought or undertaking within the diaspora of kenyans living in scandinavia.To the best of my knowledge,the two parties that took part in the ongoings at the ambssadors residence did so while exercising their rights as individuals, which is allowed in Sweden ,and not representing kenyans in the Sweden .Clay ,l repeat ,educate me on this one.Everyone has a right to be heard.If there are insitutions or bodies tasked with speaking on my behalf then ,nime wachwa nyuma saana .
Written without prejudice ,sija nyita chochote Clay ,ni fafanishie ndio nikuwe kwa mstari wambele jo.
For those inclined to delve into the morals of change and revolution-
“It would be a sort of irreligion,and scarcely lesst than a libel on human nature,to believe that there is any established and reputable profession or employment,in which a man may not continue to act with honesty and honour:and doubtless there is none which may not at times present temptations to the contrary”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge,(1817)
Opening quotation to “The Honour Code” treatise by Kwame Anthony Appiah-How Moral Revolutions Happen.
Ean Wuod Luo.

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