My Mortuary Friend Is A Nuisance….

Posted on January 31, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized |

This sounds funny but its not.I have a friend who works at the mortuary,he surely loves his job just like anybody else.I have known him for so many years,during the kalongolongo days(days when we were kids pretending to Cook outside).

He had big dreams just like anybody else, to become a lawyer when he finishes school,unfortunately, we dream higher but God always has, either a good plan for us or vice versa.I dont know if his was vice versa.

Anyway,this friend of mine had a financial problem,and he actually called wondering if i could help.I didnt bother to ask what he needed the cash for,coz i trusted him.

I gave him the cash he wanted and he promised to refund in 3weeks time.The 3weeks passed without him coming and i decided to call him.
He apologised but asked me to go and pick up the money in his office.I had actually forgotten where he works,so i agreed.

The following morning,i took the bus to his working place,the mortuary,i was so scared.When i arrived,he was actually working on someones body performing an autopsy.Without talking to him,i looked back and took off to the bus stop,mind you,without my cash.
This is not a situation am used to….wacha chapa ikae…(let the money be).
Tried to call him,but he never answered,the next day he called and apologised that he was busy as i could see,but thats the only place i can get my cash from,since he was fully booked.

Now,am trying to wonder,could it be that he does not want to pay my money back,coz he knows am scared of his office,or this is how he tricks his friends?

Tried on a monday….”come to my office,tuesday…come to my office…wednesday…come to my office”.On thursday i decided to give up.So maybe i will get it when people stop dying….

Clay Onyango…just another imagination.


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