Hanging Out With Olexandra And Makoha Of VIOJA MAHAKAMANI…

Posted on September 14, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Last week Olenxandra and Makoha were in Stockholm for a comedy festival, they ended up spending alot of their time with me around Stockholm after the festival.My lungs are still hanging out of my mouth coz i laughed them out,at one point i almost swallowed my tongue but fortunately Stevo came to my rescue and pulled it out,i think it was half way in.

Surprisingly, their jokes come from nowhere they do not read from anwhere,anything they say is turned to comedy.Like one time i took them to an Ethiopian restaurant to eat some INGERA(Ethiopian chapos),and when i ordered for the food.The Ingeras arrived,they look like towels folded very well,they have two versions of Ingera ,white and brown.We were served with the brown injeras as on the picture,and Olexander goes like: “HALLO HALLO”,calling the owner of the restaurant,and as the owner rushes to the table wondering whats wrong with his INJERA,Olexandra goes like, “hallo…you know on the plane, we are given towels but they are clean,take back these towels,look, they are dirty!!!! Hi ni matharau ama?He stood there with a smile wondering what Olex was talking about until i came to his rescue.He then walked away with a smile on his face.


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