Miss Africa Stockholm….A Kenyan Judge..

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Miss Africa Sweden attracted an audience of 435, with slim fit beauties bearing one theme,”FIGURE 8.”I spoke to one of the judges from Kenya and asked her why the competition only consisted of slim fit and figure 8 beauties? She answered that its because they look good in swimming costumes and no balloon- like flesh is visible.

She also mentioned that size 20s have problems to choose clothes while shopping.I then asked her how do these slim fits maintain these figures?She mentioned that the best way is to be disciplined and eat less fat foods,veggies and alot of fruits.Training has to be essential too in their daily life,she reckoned.Before i left her,i touched her by mistake and bumped into one of her balloon like flesh.I then turned back to her and asked her what she was doing about it? She just laughed and mentioned that judges are allowed to have balloons.She left me with question marks but i went on to enjoy my evening???????

For “YOUR INFORMATION”:This is mean´t to be  a joke…..I never conducted any interview with any judge nor did I touch any at all,this is just part of butdoisays humor to heal those who are suffering from depression by giving them a dose of a laughter.No- one should be offended with this article as no names are mentioned.If anyone is disturbed with this article then you have a problem with yourself and the best advise is, go to the gym and remove those few flabs and turn them to ABS….all the same sorry for any missunderstanding!!!

Clay Onyango


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CLARIFICATION: Miss Africa Sweden® & the Maisha gala has nothing to do with this event, I agree with Mr Onyango that this concept is confusing and missleading creating a lot of question marks, and we the Miss Africa Sweden® organisers would like to disassociate ourselves from this concept. Miss Africa Sweden was first held in 2008 and we have a different approach and concept, offering young ladies a lot more than “Figure 8”.

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