Why Is Kenya Afraid To Give Other Nationalities Citizenship?

Posted on August 19, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Alot of kenya people are afraid of giving citizenship to other national,why?,you don’t want to give but you want other country to grant you dual citizenship,is that fare?.Granting other national citizenship will help the economy of kenya increase,help building and moving the nation to the higher level,even Abraham we call today,Father Abraham,God blessed him,not from his own country,even the bible said we should welcome foreigners and treat them well.There are business and alot to do in a foreign land but do to hard law governing the country,it become difficult because your not a citizen. To my own opinion,citizenship is good for the development of the nation.

Prince Joe.F


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2 Responses to “Why Is Kenya Afraid To Give Other Nationalities Citizenship?”

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Personally i hope (I’m not saying i’m right) Kenya makes it as difficult as possible to attain the Kenyan citizenship, as we also need to protect our own interests as a country. Lying in a strategic hub of Africa we could be exposed to serious crime if we opened up ourselves and started dishing out majwala to every tom dick and harry in the name of dual citizenship….

You think so?imaine what would have happened had the Atur brothers given citizenship just because they had money and yes a little dingy biz to do in Kenya?i rest my case more so because i think the citizenship issue is a bigger issue to be narrowed

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