Has The Ailing Stockholm- Kenyan Old Man Reclaimed His Wife?

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She might be called “Obese” and He might be called “thin drunkard fella”,but they are in love.Who are we Kenyans in Sweden to judge and condem them?If the ailing husband is back in Sweden,and he has not complained nor reclaimed his wife why are we bubbling and judging them? Just because there is no way she can defend herself after all those comments, does not mean she is useless.She is a hard working woman,a hard working responsible mother, a great student in her proffession.I have sat with both the ailing husband and the wife,and all I can say is she does not deserve all that name calling and critics.She is more organised than many of those commentators hiding behind the computer to judge her without disclosing their identity.Just because she is an Obese does not make her ugly and a bad person,this only made her fall in a bad situation that she has found herself in.Who knows,she might have fallen for the husbands friend because the husband has been away for too long,and the only person that made her happy was the hubbys friend.Obese as she is, she needed love and total care,and this she got from the husbands friend.Well its just sad that it happend when the husband was in hospital in Kenya but lets mind our own relationships,the husband has not reclaimed his wife, he might have approved it by the way.

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “Has The Ailing Stockholm- Kenyan Old Man Reclaimed His Wife?”

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kudoz to your blog: i admire when people spread peace instead of war! i like your wise words. clay keep it up! we kenyans are mdomo kaya and bitter to others …none of our business to private matters.

Jaduong Onyango,
Thats the most positive evaluation of the situatuon.I as Odera Anthony did be opportuned to meet the so called “thin washed out drunkard”.We had a very useful discussion for over three hours .I have discerned that it takes two to tango.I will not accept petty minds defaming the one who is and will continue paying for criminal and moral transgressions of so called husbands who have never taken care of their own transgressions.If the the truth were to come out then the Luo community should condemn acts of abuse.More so by the ailing husband .In this continuing saga the beast will pay and he is already paying.Believing in cult like traditonal aspects of treatment has led hinm no where .He has come back to be accorded civililty and healthy life .Sympathy should be with the “obese ” lady who has incurred pecuniary losses due to manipulation.Lets be real and say whats real and true .Its so sad that we are ready to condemn without having facts .Thats all .
Ean Wuod Luo

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