Josephine Awuor Now Kenyas Ambassador To Zimbabwe…

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From a hand bag carrier to an ambassador in Zimbabwe< The former deputy Ambassador Josephine Awuor has been posted to Zimbabwe as the new ambassador.When she left Sweden a few months ago,it was believed that she had been recalled home as a demotion,but it seems like she was heading for the big post as the Ambassador.While in Sweden she could be seen in the company of Ambassador Muhindi carrying the ambassadors bag or portfolio,in Swhaili we say..“FATA NYUKI ULE ASALI”(follow the bees to taste the honey_).Seems like it worked.Now, she is tasting the honey….I wonder who will be carrying her bag,Beryl move to Zimbabwe and follow the bees BUT make sure they do not bite you instead…Lol!!! CONGRATULATIONS AMBASSADOR  JOSEPHINE..

A congratulation article from Beryl>

And while our hearts go out to our Ambassadour, its probably worth knowing that her former deputy Ms Josephine Awuor have just been posted to Zimbabwe as the new Ambassadour…wow!!!!

It wasnt a demotion afterall!!!!! Congrats Josephine…..continue doing what you do best!!!!!

Pic lifted from KSB .double O usini sue tafadhali.


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7 Responses to “Josephine Awuor Now Kenyas Ambassador To Zimbabwe…”

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“FATA ASALI ULE NYUKI”(follow the bees to taste the honey_).

Are you thinking in reverse? Eeeeww!!!

it seems english and swedish has spoilt ur swahili
what do u mean “fata nyuki” its fuata nyuki ule
asali.ama vipi mshakuru.

Je ,jama wamtaani'”Bano ziki taarurika .uumanisha nini”

This why Kenya will always be behind and embarass themselves. Imagine this is the person representing us in Zimbabwe. Connections is the qualification to geeting ambassadorship. That impresses only ther idiots and illiterates in Kenya, otherwise gobally all the other diplomats from other countries know that Kenyan diplomats are a joke and laugh at them behind their backs. Just look at the fellows here in Stockholm, they do not even know how to conduct themselves socially, let alone converse at the level of the diplomatically accredited. Bure kabisa! Mavi ya kuku.

To you nyege247, since you seem to think that
“ALL” Kenyans do is to embarass themselves,
what have you done not to embarass Kenyans and
your self? I sense a whole lot of jealousy
on your part regarding the new Kenyan
ambassador to Zimbabwe. Pse Shut up if you
have nothing constructive to say about

what the fuck man! i am happy she is the ambassador and so dar she’s doing a great job at it. she is now happy with her family including her beautiful daughter Petronella Achieng who will be on kenyan tv soon yes the beautiful petronella will be showing herself so shut the fuck up abuot this ambassador and her job and her family including Petronella!

You seem preoccupied wit abusing people and thats why you guys will never make it where you are! Shame om you always abusing people at the embassy and never hesitate to attend food eating sessions

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