The Spirit Of Harambee Will Only Prevail When You Contribute…

Posted on April 13, 2010. Filed under: 1 |

Since the beginning of this year, we have had several fundraisings in Sweden, all death related either back home or here in Sweden.I have been trying to assess how much i have contributed to all those that I have attended and my donations clicked  to 3500 kronors.Keep in mind we are still in April, we have many months ahead us, until december,and who knows what God has in store for us? We might have many more fundraisings, possibly and hopefully not death related.For example,pastor Karanjas visit to Sweden, I might boost Pastor Muirani and pastor Tony in this arrangement,clicking to 4000 Kronors.By December, I might click 8000 Kronors in donations.Keep in mind this is only me.If we take double O (Okoth Osewe)s donations which might be almost the same figure and of course many other Kenyans,we would build an orphange home, and the spirit of harambee prevails  na roho safi.

Now, why do some harambees flop and some succeed? Recently Jared received 40 thao and Goga received 21 thao both after loosing their dear fathers.These two individuals succeeded because you would always see them in fundraisings with their wallets open.We dont know how much they contribute but we know that they are not stingy,they are generous people.For you that have called on harambees that have been floppy, they have been so because your wallets are glued together with aradite.When you appear at a fundraising,please note that people are observing you,and when you pick that book and go thru the contributors list and pass it on without your contribution,you are also being watched….Never call a fundraising thinking Kenyans will come just because you appear.Keep the harambee spirit moving and you will also benefit from it, whether you are driving a good car or have money to go it alone.This spirit is just to show you that you are not alone,you have people who love you.MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Clay Onyango.


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