Kenyan Parliament-Full Of Kenyan Prisoners On The Run!!!

Posted on February 19, 2010. Filed under: 1 |

The picture on the left is of a Kenyan parliament, and the picture on the right is of a Kenyan prison. I drown in my own blood when I see this picture of our parliament building because this is where  the most corrupt Kenyans hide, infact the building should be turned into a prison when all the members of parliament are seated.They should be let to spend ONLY 2 nights as the Kenyan prisoners on the right ,most of whom are charged for petty crimes,like stealing a cow,stealing maize,and maybe even for not committing any crime.The big offenders go jail free while the petty offenders suffer. The big offenders can only be suspended from their duty,while the petty offenders are not even given a day for investigation before they are loaded on a truck and poured to jail.

In that building you are seeing, we have people who have made themselves filthy rich for stealing millions of shillings from their own ministries or organisations, they have stolen from the poor Kenyans you are seeing sleeping like pigs in a prison.I think even pigs sleep better.

Most of them are old, they have nothing to loose if the country drowns into a bloodshed,they have their children abroad and they have the money to enable them charter a flight and flee the country when things get hot.

In the prison you are seeing on the right, thats where we have an innocent Kenyan, who has been jailed because he could not agree with his boss and for that reason, the boss sent cops to pick him and jail him for selling cannabis,a crime they did not do, he will serve upto five years or more.This is one person that had a good vision and good ambitions, he has a wife and children, he was young, had a good home,but by the time he comes out, all that is gone.We can get a good leader from this prison than from the parliament building we are seeing…..

2012 is around the corner and yet our leaders are still squabbling… stupid will we be to re-elect them back?

Clay Onyango.


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One Response to “Kenyan Parliament-Full Of Kenyan Prisoners On The Run!!!”

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I second that.our politicians are dirty and we tend to support them blindly for example Raila is portayed as a true politicin whereas he is an opportunist whe he does not get what he wants he switches the party.They all belong to jail all of them

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