Is Tithe A Must As In The bible…

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My daughter has been texting me that I should remember to give tithe( ten percent of my entire income) to the church according to the bible, I did call her and we started a discussion about tithe. I need help from pastors Muirani,pastor Samson and pastor Tilla.I am not against giving tithe, but my argument was this.Nowadays, we have so many churches that have been started by individuals,and according to my daughters church, they receive  a blank  invoice every month so that they can fill in the 10 percent of their income, i argued that that was wrong.A tithe should be a voluntary thing and not a compulsory one.

I even gave an example of a man I knew in Kenya that contributed his entire property and assets to the church,because he was convinced that the more tithe you give, the more you receive.This man became so poor that he started to borrow money from friends.

I continued to argue,that you dont neccessarily have to give tithe but the help and contributions you offer to people who are suffering can also be termed as a tithe in the eyes of God,so you do not have to give tithe to the church while you have people whom you can help with that amount.

I have heard that many of these churches operated by individuals especially by the west Africans ,are just for business purposes,the tithe that is paid goes to their pockets and thats why many of them are so wealthy,while the tithe donors are poor.

I gave my daughter an example of how the whole world believes in the bible but there has never been any occassion where a goverment has sent an invoice to someones address to pay tithe,but they do send a tax paying invoice every year to be paid to the state.

Can someone please  explain if  tithe is  compulsory,and if is ,to which church should it be paid,catholic,protestant,new life and so on?

Clay Onyango.



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3 Responses to “Is Tithe A Must As In The bible…”

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Please read my post on the subject and tell me what you think.

Many thanks
Why should I tithe? Myths about tithing.

I can clearly remember the day I surrendered my heart to Jesus. I still remember the little talk I had with a counsellor who told me things I needed to do to get started in my Christian walk; read the book of John in the New Testament and cultivate a habit of praying always amongst other things.

I truly believed that missing a Church service for any reason whatsoever was a sin, not participating in church activities was also a sin. Armed with these revelations I was already on my way to being a good Christian. I had in my head a picture of how a Christian should be and most Christians around me mirrored that image. We believed the same things; we acted the same way and were really interested in pleasing God at all costs. We had a code of conduct; unspoken rules of how a Christian should act. In our minds anyone who did not conform to this conduct was not a Christian at all.

After a long time of obeying these rules, there came a time when I was totally dissatisfied with the status quo and I wondered if this was all Christianity had to offer? Money was the yardstick for measuring blessings from God; God’s hand could be forced by an act of sacrifice which could include seed sowing, tithing, sacrificial giving et all. All these acts woven together portray Christianity as we know it today.

I began to question Christianity as we know it after I watched a programme on TV about a cult founder and the members of his cult. The cult was accused of terrible crimes including murder and racism. The members, all blacks, were encouraged to kill whites and this was an act of their faith. They did this religiously and were responsible for a lot of killings in their area. As I watched the programme, I could not believe people could be so gullible and so easily lose the ability to reason and think for themselves. They bought into everything the leader said without raising any objections. As I criticised the members for being so gullible, something deep down on the inside of me made me realise I was no different.

How many of us of the Pentecostal faith hold dear the words of our leaders? Get really angry if we feel they are being criticised? Unconsciously put the word of our leaders over the Bible? Believe that if we raise any objections to any action of our leader we have crossed the line and have made God angry? Sounds familiar? Why and how does this differ from a cult? In a cult the leader is always right, his authority should never be questioned, he is seen as God by his members and everything he says goes. Again I ask and please be very truthful to yourself, doesn’t this sound familiar?

Right from the day we give our lives to Jesus we have been conditioned to act in a certain way. Our being told to read the book of John marks the beginning of legalistic Christianity. Works and acts of good will replace God’s intention of justification by faith in Jesus Christ and not of works (Rom 1:17). I also noticed something quite amusing; my knowledge of scripture was based on what I had been taught by preachers and since we have been unconsciously led to believe that our men of God are infallible I never bothered checking scriptures to see these doctrines for myself.
The day I discovered that Jesus was not born in a manger, what! I can almost hear you say, made me question a lot of the doctrines we have been taught. Now back to Jesus’ birth, if he was not born in a manger then where was he born? As trivial as this sounds, it goes further to prove my point. Lets take a quick look at Luke 2: 7 and clear this up:

The tithe was only for OT Israel. It was only food from inside Israel. Those who received it were not allowed to inherit or own property. The OT Temple and priesthood have been replaced by NT individual believers.

Tithe is PAID and NOT GIVEN since its a commandment,although its true there are many pple using giving as a source of personal wealth,i’d encourage u to remember that this is between you and God not u and a ‘fake’ Pastor etc..i look at tithe as a form of “insurance” where God promises to protect,cover and provide for u..also to me its the best proof that greed hasnt manifested into my life..i actually tithe on any increase i have..all the same B encouraged and remember with Gods word its always the same..dont justify by saying stuff about “nowadays” ,”in this age” etc..i wish u well

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