Kidney Stones Rushes Butdoisay To Karolinska Emergency…

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I never thought I would find myself in a hospital bed surrounded by  nurses and doctors in an emergency room to find out what sickness I was suffering from.

Well, it happened yesterday, I realized that our body is like a flower,it can die anytime,you wake up in the morning feeling healthy and suddenly you find yourself in a hospital bed, screeming of pain and agony.

It all started as a normal day, left for work in the morning with 2 of my colleagues.We accomplished our work after 3 hours and I decided to stop at a fuel station to tank.Immediately after that,just when I climbed onto the van to start driving,I felt a very painful process behind my back and stomach.I went down to the ground to try and ease the pain while one of the guys was massaging my back.

I climbed the van again and tried to drive but i couldnt so I let one of the guys to drive.I was still suffering in pain,and I requested him to stop, i just wanted to ly down on something,so I went off the van and put myself on the snowing ground.When you are dying  or in pain you dont care what the passersby think.

To cut the long story short, we decided to rush to the emergency room at Karolinska hospital in Stockholm.I went behind the van and slept while vomiting and in pain.

We arrived at the hospital, and the nurses could see that I was in pain and they came to my rescue so fast.Was put on a water drift, was made to pee and my blood was taken.

I continued to vomit,while answering their questions.I finally got a pain killing injection that reduced the pain.Felt abit better and was then taken to an x-ray room .The results came, and they found out that I had stones in my kidneys,that had actually gone down to the bladder.I got some tablets that will help me discharge the stones through my urine.

My wife came and we headed home as nothing had happened,she did prepare some spare-ribs and Ugali that gave me the energy to continue living.I thank God,my wife and the doctors for coming to my rescue.

As I arrived home,I told my son,daddy I was dying, he just laughed and said,”what do u mean you were dying,what about those guys that are suffering from cancer,what would they say? This is from an 11 year old,and I realized he was right, mine was just a minor sickness.God bless you all and remember our body is like a flower,it can die anytime!!!

Clay Onyango.


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3 Responses to “Kidney Stones Rushes Butdoisay To Karolinska Emergency…”

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Glad to hear you are well, no one knows the hour….

Pole. hope you are feeling much better. but if you managed to rarua ribs and UG, then uko sawa 😉 ama?

pole sana, but the worst is over since you were
discharged and unasosi vipoa. They say “itekoria
ni ndwaru” in your case ni tvärtom ama. Dont worry
maisha hua hivyo. Happy valentine

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