My Left Handed Teacher Was A Funny Character

Posted on February 3, 2010. Filed under: 1 |

Its been a while since butdoisay told you some funny stories that I have  come across.I know you have also realized that its taking ages before I update butdoisay,well,the reason is simple,am too busy,I really miss entertaining my readers but I promise I will try to adjust abit,so that you can read something at least twice a week. 
Anyway,  I have just remembered my high school teacher Mr Shipiri, he never used to like me, reason being I was a dunder head when it came to chemistry.Like sometimes between the lessons he would ask me,what time is it Clay? And I would reply…its 12 something! What do u mean its 12 something? I asked you what time it is,give me the answer.Frankly speaking I was not sure about the minutes,and this was really a challenge.I guess I was the only one with a watch in class.Mr Shipiri would come beside me and whip me like 6 times and then tell me to leave the class,with a kick to send me off…. 
Mr Shipiri had a very funny habit of turning newspapers or books pages,he would lick one of his left fingers in order to flip the pages,but instead of using that same finger with the saliva,he would use his right fingers to flip the pages.Do you wonna try how funny it is? 
Get a newspaper,lick  one of the left fingers,but turn the page with the right hand……hahaha…thats how funny Mr Shipiri was. 
Clay Onyango. 

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