112 -Swedish Emergency Number Has Failed

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Last week, I went to buy a van for my business in Gothenburg and on way back just before I got to the next petrol station that was just 40 mins away, the van stopped on the highway between Arboga and Orebro. I had the first alternative of calling a taxi to drive me to the fuel station, but in Arboga, to my amazement, they only have one taxi that is actually private owned.I called 118118 and was connected to the taxi driver who said he was busy but would be available after 2 hours and he was not even sure.The second alternative was to call the breakdown to help me out,I was again connected through 118118.The breakdown asked for 3000kr but would also come after 3 hours or so.I asked them if they would bring the fuel but they said that they wouldnt,they would just come and pull me to the next petrol station.

The temperature was about -25 degrees,on the highway in the middle of no where, I froz like for one hour and then chose the 3rd alternative of calling 112 ,the Swedish emergency telephone number.I explained my problem,and they asked me to call a taxi or a breakdown,i told them I did but they wouldnt help me out.His response was, then we cannot do much.Where are you? I explained ,but he insisted that he could not help.

I froze like for another hour and decided to call 112 again,this time very angry .So you mean if i tell you that am dying on the highway freezing,you wouldnt come to my rescue? “I said we cannot help you, call a cab or a breakdown”.He reckoned.I told him but you guys are the emergency, you should come and help me, I mean you are the police.”No we are not the police, call 114114 they are the police.”What? I wondered,has 112 changed their services or what? Well i tried to call 114114 but it was closed,it never went through.

I went back to calling the taxi driver after 2 hours 30mins and fortunately he said he would come to my rescue in 20mins.He asked me  to walk for about 15 mins so that he does not have to drive all the way on the highway.I came out of the van freezing like hell, I thought there were some nails hitting my face, my balls dissappeared and were frozen like an egg  just within a few seconds,I decided to start running so that I could heat up my body.IT WORKED ABIT.Reached the taxi and bought the fuel.

I had an ordeal,before the taxi came,I went out on the high way, to try and get a lift from a good samaritan.I had to wear my hood to protect my image, that might scare them away,you know “A BLACK MAN”  in the middle of ARBOGA,on the highway.I tried to wave about 8 cars and trucks but all they did was hooted and flashed their lights as they drove by.All in all, I arrived safely but am still wondering,is 112 still working or you have to sound more Swedish to get help??

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “112 -Swedish Emergency Number Has Failed”

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hehehe pole sana, i guess as a black man you need to commit a crime to see how effective 112 can be, thats about the only time it works…..

Kompis 112 was changed long time ago if you didnt know,its 114114.Pole sana ndungu klai.omurenje msomle

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