Stockholm Weekends Are Night-Mares…

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I dont know if you agree with me that Stockholm weekends,Friday and Saturdays, are night mares to Africans living  in Sweden.Fridays and saturdays always make people excited all over the world,but to Africans living in Stockholm,these are days that leave them depressed and stressed.They leave  home with an intention of going out to relax and enjoy with their friends  but they  do not know which clubs will let them in.They meander around the city center trying to enter clubs in vain and travel back home to sleep.

As they sit  on  the train that takes about 30 minutes to downtown Stockholm,they see  Swedish people laughing and having fun coz they know where they are heading to,they will be admitted to any club at  any time in Stockholm city.

Last weekend was my 3rd Stocholm  nightmare out,I decided to take the train to town since i was abit tipsy,and the bad luck just started before I boarded the train. A friend that I was going to meet called me on the phone, and as i was walking talking to him,I met 2 guys,one a gambian and the other a Swede.They looked at me and I said, hi...while still on the phone conversing.The gambian guy replied…Chepande(Hi in gambian) and then followed by…VADÅ HI(What do u mean hi) CHEPANDE!!!! I ignored him as he continued to call me names…MOTHA FOKA (mother fucker gambian accent).I proceeded with my conversation on the phone,then I looked back and stopped,to see if he was following me.“DIN MAMA KNULLA…DIN MAMA KNULLA“( F…your mother) .He continued staring at me with rage.I kept on  walking and ignored him, and I jumped onto the train.

Oh my God,what have i done to this guy,he does not even know me,all I said was HI,why should this cost me all these name calling MOTHA FOKA?Like a gentleman ,I erased the whole saga from my head and re-instated  back my good mood  ready for clubing…..

I arrived in the city,met my friends outside CLUB EAST( a club in Stockholm),they came 3 of them so we were four.We went straight to the queue.Since two of my friends were known to the bouncers we never thought there would be any problem.We stood there for about 5 minutes and then one of my friends thats known to the  bouncers approached him….hi ..can we go in? How many are you? the bouncer asked.  Friend: We are 4 .Bouncer:No we can only let you two coz we know you…we cannot let in the other two,and then he ignores him as if he did not exist.

Whats all these? My friend explains the situation,he says we are together we cannot separate…we stood outside there watching the bouncer  welcoming other white customers,while we were standing there like   Zombies.While standing there, I saw 2 Swedish cops passing by, but then I knew they cannot help us even if I report the incident,so we decide to go to Bistro another club in Stockholm, where these 2 friends of mine are also known to the bouncers.We erased the East issue and we start walking towards BISTRO,they are about 50 meters apart..

Reaching Bistro, i see 2 African bouncers, one happens to be a molat.We say hi…knowing this is our place,we even have African bouncers.I did not know that  I was wrong, the  bouncer whispers to my friend that he knows….”ONLY TWO OF YOU” and he looks aside as if we did not exist.

I was just amazed,I was actually speechless,we have just spent almost one hour trying to get into a club.A group of swedes came and they were let in.I approached the bouncer,…so we cant come in and enjoy our money? He responds,the police were here, its full..while still ushering some Swedish guests in….

Ok….lets try Berns….we all  agreed to leave for berns,we started walking towards Berns where we were all admitted without any problems.

Now these  incidents are colliding,in my first trip, I was abused by my fellow African…just for nothing.In the second incident,I was refused entry by Swedish bouncers because they do not know me,in the third incident,I was refused entry by my own African bouncer.

Could it be that Africans are not let in clubs because of their behaviour? The bouncers at the East, why do they let in only quests familiar to them,I know Chad the Dj but still he refused me entry.At Bistro were those African bouncers adviced to let in ONLY a number of Africans ? These are the questions that are disturbing me….

So if you wonder why Africans get stresssed and depressed in Stockholm until they get strokes and heart attack,this is part of the reason.They cant go out to mingle and remove stress,they stay home drink and sleep and then on Monday,get up to a new stress at work.Keep in mind that the intergration minister in Sweden is African, and yet this is still going on at this century….

Clay Onyango.




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4 Responses to “Stockholm Weekends Are Night-Mares…”

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I’m sorry for you guys, the integration minister is just a puppet, she’s dumb enough to push for reforms to have all foreigners take a test to qualify to be swedish citizens????? what do we have to do in the test, paint ourselves white to be let into clubs????
These stupid ignorant bouncers and the club owners on the other hand are just portraying what society does to us, if society F….s us up and nothing is done, the clubs and restaurants just mirror what happens in society…
It will not end today, it will not end tommorow BUT ONE DAY IT WILL DEFINATELY END…
Until then we have to start organising ourselves to protest this ills of society otherwise these bastards will do the same to our kids……

That’s why i go to mama africa. No stress.

Odede umesema, the intergration minister and the black bouncers r puppets being used by the Swedes to just screw us up! The discrimination of Africans in clubs was brought up in number of debates on the Swedish media and some lawsuits were filed. Employing black bouncers is just a strategy to buy the club owners a “no-discrimination” ticket! Now how can u say that u have been discriminated when the club has black employees! We have a long way to go, thats why I prefer going to parties organised by Africans coz hakuna stress and they play my kinda music, no techno! Pole ati washenzi had to mess up ur weekend!

For a person like you Clay this must have come as a shock! I mean its not like you go out every weekend ama? People like me gave up going to places like east, bistro or/and even berns a long time ago as a protest! The frustrations are not worth it! If not Lila wien, or the medbörjaplatsen’s chain of pubs I would just rather chill at home or at a friends and enjoy the best way possible. Last time I went to mama African I was shocked and belittled to see police vans full of cops in full gear just after closing time. You would have thought that there was a riot!! All it took for you to be thrown into one of the vans was to ask what was going on!!! I got into a bitter rights argument with a cop after he snatched my friend just as we came out and accused him of causing chaos! My God what a sin thing!! Like Odede says we need to organise ourselves because we are our own weakness standing alone. Nyamko is just a mentally enslaved tool!

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