Is Stockholms First Generation Of Kenyans Saying Goodbye..

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My Condolences to Fanuel Okoth a Kenyan citizen that lived in Sweden and has died back home in Kenya.

-I am sitting here wondering why many first generation Kenyans in Sweden are suffering from heart attacks and geting strokes.This article might be a controversial one,but with all due respect, I do not reffer to any individual, whether living or dead.I am just trying  to create attention on some reality facing Kenyans in Sweden and or maybe the whole of the diaspora.

They came here in the late 60s and early 70s with one mission,to find a greener pasture.Some are still living and unfortunately some are gone.They are the first Kenyan generation in Sweden that have actually made it possible for many of us to live here.They came here when things were easy,when Africans were really appreciated.When the rent was as cheap as boflo(bread) of today.When banks were offering loans without any security.When computers were not discovered,when a trains ticket(månadskort) was not existing,they were travelling for free like todays under age children.When jobs were all over,advertised on each window on Sveavägen and Kungsgatan(Stockholm streets).They were being ushered in to work.Not Like today there are no jobs at all.

Without mentioning any names,most of those who are dead,had really a good heart,they helped when one needed help,they adviced when one needed an elderly advice, they made contributions when asked to,but when they passed,they passed like a nobody.They passed as if they never supported any individual,They were buried as if they had no better dreams before their death.

Now, as Kenyans first generation in Stockhholm is about to pave way for the second generation,what should we do to have a better burial, where our beloved friends and relatives will appreciate our deeds before our departure.This time is coming soon,just add 20 years on top of your present age and find out where you will be,or how old you will be.20 years is just around the corner.Years fly very first in diaspora,just like the electric trains fly to your destination making sure you  arrive on time.Unfortunately, years fly so first without giving us time to prepare, to prepare for our kids future and of course to hit that goal that brought us here in diaspora.A certain age say 55, should find us back home in Kenya ,in our own home,so if you have not built one make sure you do.

Second generation, lets wake up and make a change now….lets start preparing ourselves coz our time is coming soon.

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “Is Stockholms First Generation Of Kenyans Saying Goodbye..”

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Good article, but then again in life there are no guarantees we should live for the moment, coz ‘yesterday is history, today is a gift from God, tommorows just a promise’…

Middle class Swedes migrate from Sweden to Spain, Turkey, S Afrika etc, to enjoy there pension as they understand, nobody would take care of them in Swden when they grow old. That is the way to go. Senior citisen from Kenya living in Sweden lie dead in their appartments for days and life goes on as if it is not a big deal. Time to re evaluate.????

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