Butdoisay Almost Got Shot In The Line Of Duty…

Posted on November 17, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

It was just a normal working day, when I got a job to clean up an old villa that was built 100 years ago.This villa was wooden built, and had alot of old stuff,you can imagine a 100 year old soffa and many other old furniture.There were also metal tools, like a very old mowing tool that they used to attach on a cows back while digging.Alot of old metal stuff that kept me wondering what they really were,and finally a pistol like metal that looked like a toy pistol but it was actually a real one.

We usually throw each and every stuff on the truck and sort them out later at the gabbage center.I being the “BOSS” ,am often on the truck arranging the items so that we can take as much as we can.So one of my employees comes up with a lot of metal stuff and picks up the pistol and points at me ,or rather pretends to  shoot at my head and clicks the trigger,…click..goes the pistol, he looks at it and then clicks again,and then laughs and goes back to work.Then comes the other employee,he sees the gun and becomes excited,picks up the gun and points at me…and he too presses the trigger…click,it only clicks and then he clicks and clicks and clicks and then goes back to work laughing…

He then replaces the gun within the other metals and we drive off.

When we reached the gabbage center, we picked up the gun and started to study it, we opened it and we realized that it was actually  loaded with one live bullet inside… 

What? Were these guys playing a russian roullet with my life? What if it went off? Thanks God it was an old pistol or maybe it was locked.We did not know what to do with it but we threw it with the other metals at the gabbage center.

…if the bullet went off, this would have been the scenario…Breaking News…”Butdoisay Shot dead….he died in the line of duty”.

I thank God that was not the scenario….at least I lived to eat my 20th birthday cake….and looking forward to Christmas…

Never joke with any pistol like metal….it might be one real one that might take your sweet life….

Clay Onyango


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3 Responses to “Butdoisay Almost Got Shot In The Line Of Duty…”

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Daaaa!! dont you get it? thos guy you work with would love to se you 6fit under, did you ask yourself why they did not try it on themselfs but you?? De orkar inte med dig pungt och slut.Butdotheysay!

Hehehe quite an article, ongeza hao wasee mshande au sivyo, next tyme uta kipata pata lol….

Thank God always for the gift of life. After reading the previous comments ,it has reminded me of two stories that i,d like to share with you, n they are true stories that have happened back at home…you guys know how like house boys n house gals go round looking for work, there,s this story of a young man who was from ukambani n he was an orphan, no parents or brothers n sisters, so he came to the city to look for greener pastures n luckily he got a job within the outskirts of Nairobi, his employer had a big shamba too..so when he saw this energetic young man he employed him, n knew his story very well..he worked for them like for over 20yrs n by the way they were paying him peanuts that,s the employer n his wife..so age finally got up with him n his health was deteriorating..vinoma..so he asked his employers if he can just live with them his last days here on earth do you know what they told him go to your family n yet they knew very well he was an orphan..n he also didn,t have a wife nor kids of his own..but they din,t feel pity on him..i think the employee got so frustrated with no where to go he committed suicide..as in hang himself on a rope in his employers farm….imagine..how sad years laters..his employer died in the same farm it didn,t matter whether he was rich because in God,s eyes we are the same..so people should give to ceaser what belongs to ceaser as Jesus told the pharisees in the bible na wafanyi kazi walipwe haki yao..coz haijalishi no matter if you are black or white..haijalishi..no matter if you are poor..or..rich..haijalishi..no matter we ni chali au dame lakini mbele ya Mungu sisi wote tuko same…The second one is of this rich old man who puts money first ama in other words he adores it sana hata his own family or kids mean nothing to him ..he owns a lot of flats..n buildings…n at times he doesn,t construct those houses as required by law as in they are sub standard n one day a whole tank ..built with..bricks fell on his son n he died..n o you know what the mzee said..do you how much money i,ve lost ue to this..imagine..hata hana shughuli about his dead son..Huu ni ungwana ukweli….

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