My Birthday Presents In Pictures…What a coincident?

Posted on November 12, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

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Thank you guys for my birthday wishes and presents that I received.For those who did not manage to wish me a happy birthday,no problem,TUKO PAMOJA,i have enclosed my birthday cake to share with you.

Let me tell you how my birth day was, it was just a good day,good things happened.I think my wifey has a magic touch or maybe after being together for so long, we share our mind or our way of thinking.Something wonderful happened and am still wondering if it was a coincident.

Here is the story:I left work early around 1700hrs and decided to go get myself a birthday present.I went to the city and got myself a Burberry shirt,a present from myself for the hard work.I didnt feel like staying in town coz I wanted to be home with my family on this occassion.

While in the burberry shop,the sales woman,was not friendly,I guess she thought i could not afford anything  as they usually do….black people are broke!! I tried to touch some belts, all good brands,boss,tiger,burberry and so on,and she kept following me returning them in place,while i was still selecting.So I asked her,dont you have any sale? She was like no we do not have a sale here,while still returning the belts in place.

Well,its my birthday,I have no time to work myself up.Went around the shop and tried some shirts and bought the one on the picture.I drove home where my wife was waiting after having made some chapos my fávorite dish.I was like, “am home,and i just bought myself a present”.She was like,” what did you buy? My favorite shirt burberry!! I said.  She requested to see it and i did show her.

Well ,after dinner,she requested me to wear it so that she could see if  it suits me.I went to the bedroom to change,and when I came out of the bedroom to show her,they started singing a happy birthday song,and to my astonishment, she had ordered for a Burberry cake and a Burberry cologne as on the pictures.Is this a coincident or what? She knows I love Burberry but imagine me buying a burberry shirt and when I come home she has all those presents in Burberry???Isnt she a WONDER WOMAN?…..”SHES GOT A  MILDEST AND A MAGIC TOUCH“.Thank you all and god bless.Let me continue eating my burberry cake….

Clay Onyango.


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4 Responses to “My Birthday Presents In Pictures…What a coincident?”

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Wao that was perfect..Wairimu wewe mnoma..Clay thank God..sana he has blessed you with a wonderful family n a loving wifey..what else do you need..Listen to the classic song Next…Otherwise..Barikiweni sana…

Vini…usifikiri ni nguo ilitoka rangi ikapaka IGEKI,Burberry shirt si kama zile shati zako za MYRORNA hutoa rangi….LOL

Hehehe ati shati za myrorna hehhehe unanichekesha mse, mi niko na personal tailors bana Butdoisay, myrorna ni wapi huko lol….

Classic! Thats sawa kabisa.

lakini…Kuna ubaya kubuy Myrorna? hehehe..hata huko mtu hupata Flabberry, Danna Karran, Levvis…etc si ni lable tu? hehehe

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