“Us Guys” And “Those Guys” In Stockholm..

Posted on November 4, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

Kenyans in Stockholm can be divided into two groups,”US GUYS” and “THOSE GUYS” ,when it comes to intereacting, or when there is a bash at Nanis place.US GUYS are those guys who feel hot,be it a woman or a man.They  baptise themselves hot,not that they have been baptised by others.Hot guys are those guys with class.Your class is considered by whom you hang out with and where you hang out.If you hang out at Stureplan and Medbo (POSH PLACES in Stockholm) then you belong to the US GUYS class.US GUYS rarely speak Swahili or their mother tongue,they tweng English.Us guys can attend THOSE GUYS”SSS parties but Those guys can not do the same coz they are never invited,however close they are to US GUYS.

THOSE GUYS are those guys who are humble and down to earth, they speak their mother tongue ,Swahili and sheng(slung).They often invite anybody to their bashes including the US GUYS, but sometimes US GUYS would refuse to attend because THOSE GUYS have no class,they have nothing in common.

If you are lucky to have an US GUY to attend your party, they bring you a card in an envelope and say>”JUST OPEN IT WHEN YOU ARE ALONE”. And you, being one of those guys, you think,there must be cash in this envelope,so you make sure you do not mix it with other cards.You put it aside in one of the inner pockets of your jacket.There might be a faiva(500kr ) in, you will open it after a week when you are broke.True story…. After a week, you open it only to find just an empty card staring at you..”WHAT..”.Then you wonder, why was US GUY telling you to open it when you are alone, why was it so special? You just click with your tongue and you tear it apart.THOSE GUYS in Stockholm are still waiting for an invitation from US GUYS but will they get any? Forget this mentality of CLASS, we have all the same class….

Clay Onyango.


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6 Responses to ““Us Guys” And “Those Guys” In Stockholm..”

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hehehehehe very interesting topic, now, i happen 2 hang out in medbo and stureplan but at the same time speak sheng and my mother tongue, does that make me an Us Guy or a Those guy or a mulatt of some sort lol…..

“You are an Us guy who invites those guys”.Another question….hahahha

We wacha siasa clay… what u mean ‘us guys those guys’… it basically has to do with a simple thing.. shaggz mundu or a Nairobian… http://www.kenyanlist.com/kls-listing-show.php?id=25454
my parties it’s a guest list that counts. Utdo??

hehehehehe butdoisay…..

Heheheh, like Odede, i go to all places, what am I?

wewe wacha fitina hakunaaaa!!1 sisi tuko hapa hapa tu. hahaha!!guys

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