The Hague-Where Will Our Corrupt And War Instigators Leaders Hide?

Posted on November 3, 2009. Filed under: 1 |


They are not only corrupt,they are rich and sly,they are known to cough and you dissappear.Soon the hague will be interrogating them in small chambers, freeze their accounts and send them to jail.Some died even before the Hague came closer to them,but I know that there is another Hague probably more enhanced than the one in Netherlands.Those corrupt and crime instigatórs leaders who died had the same mentality as the living ones, that no one can catch them because they had the power,they had connections,they could only press the red button on their phones and their request would be real.They ordered some families fathers killed, mothers killed,sons killed and their daughters killed,forgeting that these were the bread winners of the entire family.Some kids were left very young even to take care of themselves,they could only survive on their own faeces.

After all the post election  fracas,they could be seen driving in the streets of Nairobi, heading to the parliament where they do nothing but dose, dreaming on how much they will get in a corrupt deal that is on the frying pan the next day.They are just there to be seen dosing while wiping their running saliva from their mouths.After the parliament seating they are back on their Range rovers heading towards Ngong road hotel for Nyama choma and Kuku choma, while the people they represent in parliament are walking barefoot with no place to rest their heads, having just had chicken figos(Kidneys),chicken necks and chicken feet for dinner.

Their time is coming soon,I guess what goes around comes around…

Clay Onyango.


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