Raila Odinga In Stockholm….Martin Ngatias Speech,“A Speech Worth Giving A Credit..“

Posted on October 26, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

One of the Kenyans in Stockholm that got an opportunity to give a speech on Prime Ministers Railas function on Friday was Martin Ngatia,a Kenyan citizen that has lived in Scandinavia in exile for over 20 years.Martin is not in exile at the moment ,but he has chosen to put himself in  exile  in Sweden since he does not appreciate the goverment that is ruling Kenya at the moment.He has never stepped in Kenya for the last 25 years though he never killed anyone.

Martin is a Kikuyu from Nyeri, but an ODM supporter abroad.Martin gave a very moving speech on Friday directed to the Kenya goverment and to Prime  Minister Raila Odinga.One of the remarks that attracted me was when he said that Europeans,or maybe Scandivanians, have stopped killing one another and are now fighting for the animals rights.For those who do not know,animals, in some parts of the world have their own rights.Some animals are even living better than some of us Africans.When they get up in the morning, they have conflakes with maziwa mala to start their day.At lunch time, roasted spare ribs are ready on a very nice bowl better than what i used when I was a kid.They sleep on a couch or a soffa better that what our fellow Africans are sitting on.They have a better health care system  than what we have back in Africa.They inherit millions of cash when the owner dies while we only inherit a mango tree from our parents who never got a chance of tasting a true governance.As Martin mentioned, all these is catered for by a good governance.

Somebody in the crowd asked me:“ why is he so emotional while giving his speech? The answer is simple…When a dog abroad is living a better life that a human being in Africa, one has to be emotional and angry to his own goverment.

Martin Ngatias speech was a speech worth giving a credit….´HI FIVE´..

Clay Onyango.



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4 Responses to “Raila Odinga In Stockholm….Martin Ngatias Speech,“A Speech Worth Giving A Credit..“”

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Watcha hii maneno. at 20yrs. who do we blame.. he ran from Moi who’s now retired na kukula mali yake, so it’s kibaki’s fault now,well better know even raila will take the blame sooner or later “believe me”. Aint it a shame. that someone who’s not been to kenya 20plus yrs actually has an opinion on what is happening in kenya. what is it we call people who blame others for their failures? A speech worth giving kredit. i don’t think so. if he’s talking on your behalf, sawa. not on mine. where do u get off comparing kenya and sweden? HI FIVE ; my A”#¤#SS

Gathee, its unforunate that Ngatia has never been in Kenya for so long,but of course whats going on in Kenya is ashaming,our leaders give the same speech every time they are oversees but they barely show any changes in helping change Kenya.I still believe Ngatia gave a good comparison between the two goverments,Sweden thriving to fight for animals rights while the Kenya goverment is doing nothing even to tackle a simple problem like stopping accidents on our roads and so on.Thank you any way for your contribution.

I thought Ngatia did well too, with a few more ngatias,4 or maybe 5, we would have tackled Railas slyness….

Does Mr. Ngatia have a job? If he had the means and a perfect (Raila) government were to be installed in Kenya, would he return?

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