My Holidays In Kenya>Water Rationing A Problem In Nairobi..

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As I continue narrating stories about my trip in Kenya, before I forget, let me remind you that there  is a water rationing in some parts of Nairobi.This means that residents are advised when they will have water in their estates.Its important that you keep these times in mind so that you can fetch as many litres of water as possible in your gouards,jericans and pots that will be enough for some days.

You might wonder why this is happening in Nairobi, while  Nairobi river is believed to be clean nowadays,I asked some residents in Nairobi and the answer I got was that some bosses at the  nairobi city council are taking  advantage of this situation and  have bought many trucks that can transport upto 10,000 litres of water to be sold to the nairobi residents.This business is booming, you will see many trucks selling water within the city while the residents have to stay days without showering or going to shit.

Take like in my case, when I arrived, no-one told me that there was no water where I was staying,and as I felt like going for a long call,I did not think that water would spoil my day in the toilet.As I finished doing what I went to do there and after using enough tissue to block the toilet,I tried to flush them thru the sewerage , and the only thing I felt was the sound of an empty flush…with just a drop of water that could barely push a mosquito….

I looked around and looked around,I didnt know what to do….ehe… I just took the toilet paper and covered my property and left the toilet innocently.I wonder what the next guest felt..unfortunately, it was my daughter.BEWARE…. THERE IS A WATER RATIONING IN NAIROBI!!…..This is another prove that the Kenya goverment has fallen apart.

Clay Onyango.


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Damn, then i really feel sorry for your poor daughter PMSLMFAO…..

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