My Holidays In Kenya>”How I Was Harrassed By The City Council Security”

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I will definitely start by sayin that Kenya is a wonderful country and Kenyans should be proud of their country.There are some few adjustments that need to be changed to make it a more wonderful country,like the way people drive,corruption and the security of course.

On my first day of arriving in Nairobi, I was so excited after being away for 2 years without being home and the first thing I did was to dash into town to meet my friends in town.I met my brother first and as we were chatting, I leaned on one of the black poles beside the road to make myself comfortable while talking to my brother.To me this was just normal….

Suddenly, from no-where I found myself on the other side of the road after being whisked away by 3 drunkards called city council securities.It really came as a surprise coz I thought immediately that I was in Spain where bulls run into town and chase people without their knowledge. What have i done? What have I done? I asked . “You will know soon, you will know soon” they said.Are you guys joking or what?I asked.Why were you leaning on that pole? Why were you leaning on that pole? they asked.Which pole?The pole beside the road.

I was shocked,these bulls are whisking me away coz of leaning on a pole beside the road and yet they have not mentioned anywhere in writing that it is illegal to lean on poles beside the road? Do you have 3000 shs do you have 3000 shs?asked them with a farmented old booz coming from their unbrushed teeth.No I dont have,why should I give you 3ooo shillings? Ok then we have to take you to the lorry and then you go to court the next day……

Bullshit!!! I could not believe this was happening to me, “for heavens sake I have just arrived, I did not know its illegal to lean on a pole beside the road”.Well now you know…..give us 3000 shillings….”AM NOT GIVING YOU ANY CASH”!!!!

Fortunately, my bro called one of their bosses he knew who ordered them to leave me alone…What would have happened if I was not with my bro?Probably would rot in Kamiti prison coz of leaning on a pole……..I wonder who is giving them these powers…..

So when you travel to Kenya ,just make sure you do not  lean or step on the pavements,poles or even birbed wires anywhere within the city,otherwise those city council bulls will whisk you away and harrass you for nothing.

Clay Onyango.



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3 Responses to “My Holidays In Kenya>”How I Was Harrassed By The City Council Security””

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Ogopa nairobery……

Gosh that was so rude of them.I hope that didnt spoil your holiday.Thanx for the update anyways.

eee pole sana. very irritating… hawa watu wako na njaa ya upuzi sana kenya needs a major change.

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