Be Careful When You Hire A House Maid…

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Hi All,

I felt compelled to write to this forum to pass a word of caution to people out there on hiring house helps, I went through a very harrowing experience yesterday with my housekeeper whom I hired about 2 weeks ago, she came to us very highly recommended ( by a friend who also runs an employment bureau ), a very experienced eloquent house help I must add.

Trouble started when I realised that money was missing from my handbag, I therefore asked her if she took the money and naturally she denied it and tried to pass on the blame to the Nanny (whom I have had for the past 7 years), I quickly dismissed her allegations and told her to think about whether she will give me my money back, the following day my daughter went to school ( accompanied by her Nanny ) and my husband was out of town, unknown to me the gal had already come up with an escape & robbery plan, the only thing that was left was for everyone to leave the house for her to execute her plan. I really don’t know what got into me and I decided to work from home.

I set myself up and started working like I usually do when I am working from the house, at about 10a.m. she came to me and asked me what I have decided ( at that point I was all alone and I am expecting a baby in the next few weeks.), I told her to produce the money and she asked me is I will fire her if she gets the money I told her to produce the money first and we can discuss, she started getting agitated and shouting at me telling me that all she is doing is working to support her daughter and that by firing her I will be frustrating her, I at that point told her it is my prerogative and will do as I please.

That’s when things started going wrong :

She dashed into the kitchen and I heard her opening one of the drawers I actually thought she is getting a ‘mwiko’ to beat me up : how wrong I was she had gone for a Knife ( one of those big well sharpened knives ), however I would say that God was truly on my side because when I heard her open the drawer I immediately dashed to the wall which has the security unit installed and waited to see what she was up to when I saw her coming towards me with a knife I pressed the panic button I also took and sofa cushion to shield myself as I was really worried about the life of my unborn child and my life too (interestingly I was very very calm). She started screaming that she will kill me today and that I need to open the safe in the house as she needs to get her ID, she knew though that she did not have much time as soon as I activated the panic button and therefore dropped the knife and ran to the quarters.

I tried to stop her and she hit me, I followed her to the domestic quarters and sought help form the guards at the gate ( who had not heard the commotion ) we went to the quarters and she had already locked herself in so they made her open the door, at that point she handed me the money UNTIL the backup security company arrived and one of the guards went to open the gate, she again suddenly went crazy overpowered me ( AGAIN!!!) and took the money from my hands, at the point I told the them to lock her in the servant quarters as G4S were going to pick her, unknown to us the gal has already jumped through the window and used a second gate to escape. ( there are two entrances to the compound), G4S got there in time but by the time they were chasing her to the gate she had already entered a waiting car and the car sped off.

Later, she then called me and told me that if I do not return her ID and phone which she forgot amidst all the drama by midnight yesterday she knows the school that my daughter attends and she will get her.

This is now a police matter and is currently been handled by the police.

What became apparent is that :

1. The lady wanted to rob us as soon as we left the house – I became a hindrance as she already had a car on standby and thus she was ready to get rid of me to accomplish her mission .
2. She had been asking the Nanny lots of questions about the security in the house for the past 2 weeks but the Nanny didn’t really much of it and would respond to her questions
3. When we went to the domestic quarters she had stolen a lot of items ( packed them in bags ) and hidden them in the toilet she had further taken the Nanny’s key and hidden it as they both live there so that the Nanny would have to use her Key and she was able to monitor the Nanny’s moves throughout
4. She had also taken and hidden some keys which we believe she assumed are the Master bedroom Keys and the safe Keys for use after we all left to our different destinations
5. This is a very very intelligent woman and she came there for a mission – she had no intention to work, her aim was come assess the place and see how best she can rob the house, We therefore believe that she had every intention to use the knife had I not pressed the panic button.

Ladies / Gents I have attached her ID for everyone to be cautious because after further investigation, it has become apparent that she did a similar thing in Kileleshwa, so it does look like she is in some sort of syndicate.

PLEASE always carry out a background check on anyone who is brought to you unless that is, you know their family well and where they come from.

This has been a lesson to me and I hope it will be a warning to the rest of you. All I can do is thank GOD that I still have my life and there was no tragic end to this.



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