Yaliyomo Kenya> Mama Shiro Looses 300,000 Shs In Cash..

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Mama Shiro a hard working business Kenyan woman was robbed of her cash in a matatu after she had just closed her business and was heading home.

Mama Shiro started her mitumba(second hand clothes) business some years ago,her daughter who lives in Germany has been very supportive and financed this business,she would sometimes drive around Germany in order to send a container full of clothes to the mother, who survived on this business.The business was just beginning to pick up, she would travel with large amounts of cash in a matatu, she would spend the night with the money at her home and deliver it to the bank the next day since she usually closed her business late around 1800hrs when the banks were closed.

In Kenya, we have a saying “kikukulacho kimunguoni mwako”(the insect that bites you is within your own clothes),meaning he who betrays you is your own friend,and this was the case with Mama Shiro.Her friends knew how her business was progressing and they would talk how she carries a large sum of cash every evening on her way home.

On one fateful day,mama Shiro had made approximately 300 thousand shillings and as usual on her way home,she boarded a matatu,she always had a small polythene bag where she kept this cash,so that no one would suspect anything.As she boarded the matatu, she decided to take her usual seat behind the matatu.

Just a few minutes,when the matatu left the bus stop, 2 men with machine guns,went direct to where she was sitting and said: wewe mama Shiro leta hiyo mufuko…leta hiyo mufuko(mama shiro bring that bag…bring that bag).”Which bag…which bag?  I dont have any bag said mama Shiro.”Ukicheza tutakupiga risasi”….”if you play we will shoot you…we will shoot you”.

Poor mama Shiro,with no one to help her out,she bent under the seat and removed the polythene bag that was containing 300 thousand shillings and gave it to the robbers who left the matatu walking as nothing had happened.As they left,the other passengers asked mama Shiro what had happened, and she said…..”wame enda na shillingi mia tatu elfu”..they have just robbed me of 300 thousand shillings.

The only thing she would do was to shake her head,since no police nor the goverment would help her.I guess she had to close her business since the capital was gone….YALIYOMO KENYA CONTINUES…

Clay Onyango.


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