Why Crime Rate Is Low In Some Slums Of Nairobi…

Posted on May 11, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

For those of you who have lived in Nairobi,you might be familiar with Nairobi slums like Dandora, Kariobangi,Muthurwa,Kibera and many more. The crime rate has reduced drastically in these slums since most of the criminals have been gunned down by one of Kenya`s crime busters,BIGGIE OR MKISII.He is a chief police officer who has been nicknamed names like one man guitar,because when a crime happens in these slums of Nairobi, he takes off all by himself, with his AK 47,drives to the crime scene,finds out who they are, warns them and then kills them at a point blank.
Before, I could hear  how people especially young boys would brag how they snatched so and so`s mobile phone, wallet or money and took off without being caught by the cops.I could hear guys bragging how they raped a girl after forcing her to their home without being caught by the cops,but since BIGGIES discovery,one can use his mobile phone in these slums without any incident.
What biggie has done is, he has distributed his mobile number to the residents of these slums,and when one comes across a criminal, all they are advised to do is to call Biggie and he will be there like an ambulance.He is a man of many faces and colours, he would dress like a masai or a woman and I guess that is why its difficult for Mungiki or any other criminal to assassinate him.
Like in one case, either the Mungiki or some criminals tried to finish him,so they called his number pretending to have come across some criminals.So Biggie drove to where the crime was due to happen,he left his car with the lights on and crawled out of the car and hid in a nearby bush,the Mungiki shot at his car with several bullets and as their bullets got finished,Biggie the Rambo came from his hiding place and sprayed bullets to his attackers and killed 4 of them,this sounds like a movie,but its truely happening in the streets of NAIROBI SLUMS.Biggie does not trust his fellow cops coz he knows they might pretend to have shot a stray bullet that might end in his head and thats why he goes alone…
In another case, he went to a crime scene dressed like a masai and as the thieves shouted to him,”wewe masai toka hapo”(u masai go away), before they realized, they were dancing dance hall and banjuka in bullets, he killed 6 of them.
Clay Onyango.

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