“Real Kenyans verses Non real Kenyans according to Osewe!”-By Ole Ngais.

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I am writing in responds to the article posted at KSB in April… Purity Had Her day With Wangari Maathai… 6th 2009 by makosewe.

The article depicts The Laurette Professor Wangari Maathai as not being happy for reasons Osewe says, she wasn’t allowed to meet the category of Kenyans Osewe tags as “real Kenyans”.

Consecutively, the KSB blogger and writer once again undermines the writer of this article as the Embassy’s “good boy” as he has always done.

KSB has been malicious before on the person of these writer but in several occasions these writer chose not to venture in to conflicts with Osewe,

I don’t want to go back to old sins committed by Osewe against me, but i just want to mention a few for the sake of the reader.

In an earlier article, Osewe calls me and wide spectrum of Kenyans for Walambaji (a Kiswahili term for“ass licker“)because I , like many other Kenyans,was officially invited to Jamhuri celebration which Osewe revolted against and asked others to boycott.

In his article, Osewe writes “A dinner with Kenyan VIPs without a “non diplomatic Kenyan face” could be spooky so Purity has a list of the “good boys and girls”.

In another instance, Osewe misrepresents my presence in the Kenyan day when he wrote; “Saidimu ole Ngais was spotted at a corner as was Clay Onyango, Vincent Odede and Mrs Mary Muirani. ….other faces were those of Embassy staff and their families.”

Those Kenyans who were there saw me discuss in length with the Ambassador on issues of nation building. Osewe says that Saidimu was seen in a corner ? Why should I when the sun was shinning and the sky was blue and I am a free man in a free country! I was in our Kenyan home in Sweden

In his article of June 2, 2008 – Posted by makozewe , Osewe brands me as a communist through his codded language thinking that it would go unobserved. I chose to let it go. It’s OK to play politics but it’s not OK to misrepresent other people. As far as I know, I have always been a social democrat!

I find myself ideologically on the left wing of modern social democratic ideology. Moreover, I seat in the Social democratic party committee in Bagarmossen so, don’t be surprised to see my name in the ballot paper in the next election when we take over the mandate from the right wingers. Brother Osewe is openly known to be of the far left! A true“politburo”?

Although there were nice photos among the uploaded once at my home page, you chose to lift the one you thought negatively represented the subject concerned. That’s less giving to say the least.

I wonder why you fail to give credit and a little positiveness when it’s rightfully entitled? Meeting and sharing a lunch with people of Professor Wangari Maathai is a dream come true to all Kenyans. If you weren’t invited this time, we might be in the list next time. I don’t ask you to be a good BOI though! Good luck.

It’s common sense that it’s impossible for all Kenyans to meet the Nobel peace price winner all at one go. The lunch reception took place in a hotel premise which could accommodate approximately 100 people. About 70 people attended the lunch reception. I met with Kenyans from different steps of life. I ‘ll upload beautiful Pictures later to confirm my argument.

I speak not for the Embassy of Kenya in Stockholm but I am in the believe that the Kenyan Embassy couldn’t invite all Kenyastockholmers to attend Professor Wangari’s reception at Sergel plaza hotel all at the same time.

The Kenya embassy spend the tax payers money for the reception, yes, my money too. This year, I sent my family in Nanyuki around ksh 300.000. I bought them 4 acres of land too. I call them for more that ksh 5000 a moth. I hope you haven’t forgotten that I am also taxed here in Diaspora as equally as I am taxed back at home.

I have paid bills for members of Mukogodo community suffering from water based diseases and HIV related illnesses. I have rescued women battered by their husbands and saved their children from malnutrition on behalf of the Kenyan social welfare system. Sometimes I complain and sometimes I realize I am doing what is required of me as a good citizen. Only that the good work may not be recognized by my country. I wish they did. I dislike to talk about what I have done for others but since you make me to, I take the challenge and sack the bitter lollipop. I have receipts for all my contribution including calling cards if you want prove.

For every krona I send home, the government of Kenya earns tax and as well as when they spend the money in the retain shops. So I am a real Kenyan? Real that the politicians who refuse to pay tax? or even more real that you who sends not a single krona to your people because they have it all in Kenya? If that so, then I envy you.

Mukogodo Maasai are among the most economically marginalized Kenyans. They need to have more young men and women who can take the heat and represent their ideas. Mukogodo Maasai and other minorities like Yaaku are a forgotten people! Did you know that police can harass them anytime they want? mass punishment?

So I am forced to send money every month to save the lives of about 32 individuals who directly live on my student salary. Does anybody recognize my nation building contribution? Does the Kenyans Embassy realize how important Ole Ngais is in defending the name and face of our loving Kenya? How about Osewe? Do you write that in your well articulated articles? or you only see the dark side of our people? The Diaspora Kenyans must be respected as a very significant partner in our nation building coalition both by national wise and internationally.

However, it’s important to note that Ole Ngais isn’t any body’s boy! As you write in your blog, I find it degrading.
The least I demand is a honorable redress. I am of the impression that you generally disrespect me in person just as you do to many other Kenyans and Kenyan officials in this cold foreign country we came to call home.

It’s a shame that it should be this way because I had expected more from you being a political veteran? a citizen’s journalist and blogger pioneer among Kenya Stockholmers and above all a political science student.

I respect your intellectual and writing ability only that I wish so much that you invest the energy in constructive and nation building activities instead of seeking to undermine, destroy and gimmick your fellow countrymen. I had hopped not to write this about you.

Maybe I live in the illusion that we’d patronize each other and help to shape our community to advocate not only for our rights as minority in Sweden but also as a powerful Diaspora Kenyans constituency with rights and obligations as all other constituencies in Kenya.

I still expect that we collectively demand attention from the regime since we all pay tax (VAT-value added tax) every time we send money to our families in Kenya. We spoke of dual or multi citizenship, easy and cheaper way of sending money to our people at “home” the right to vote from abroad and the right to invest in Kenya without being taxed as a foreigner. I realize how difficult it becomes to speak of this issues in situation where a country is slowly slipping back to a single party and totalitarian regime.

It’s nevertheless depressive to read from a blogger of your caliber making a rift between Kenyans and Kenyans. In your article, you write “In the picture, it was like Maathai was wondering where the maathai_03real Kenyans had gone because when she was last here, she was “….real Kenyans as if some Kenyans aren’t real enough? In the picture here, you only identify two Kenyans and so this leaves me with a bitter taste in my tongue on what you make out of my son Lemayian Obama Ole Ngais? is he not a Kenya in your perception because he’s mothered by a white Swede? Or because he’s born in Sweden? In your real Kenyan world, what are the real characteristics of real Kenyans? What do you what my Obama to be brought up like so he can be regarded as a true Kenyan by people with the same perception as you? Many Kenyans have intermarried so you wouldn’t speak of a clean or real Kenyan… but wait, is a Kenyan an ethnic group? or is Kenyan a race? Moreover, you seem to suppose that Pastor Tillah Mukasa (to the left) and Saidimu Ole Ngais(center) aren’t Kenyans enough? Am I missing something here?

The other day, I had a discussion with my fellow friends at the launching of MAAGI. Surprisingly, only 8 Kenyans attended our launching party which was advertised extensively. Coincidently,when President Obama was inaugurated, about the same number of Kenyans attended Cyndee Peters’ Obama’s Gala in Stockholm.

However, just as Obama’s Gala on January 20th, people of other nationalities arrived from from the top of the hour until the end of the party.Just as Cyndee rocked the party at his excellency’s inauguration, MAAGI got the attention she deserved including a fantastic relationship with potential donors.

Despite all that success, my heart was heavy when I realized how little support I had from my fellow people. This challenged has sharpened my teeth to tear down any obstacle and and in the future knowing that not all who call me brother may in fact be my real brothers! Yes, “real” But you know what, if Obama can be the president of the most powerful nation in the world, having originated from the plains of Kogelo? Who is MAAGI not to be anything she wants in Sweden?

Our separation and condemnation of other’s just because they aren’t good enough or equally experienced gives no motivation to building Kenya together. I’ve noticed the other time when Clay was attacked for not being in the possession of analytical skills. Clay was abused by academics who are supposed to be the society’s guardians regarding how to apply the modern tools in nation building.

I don’t advocate for Clay’s misdeed either, but I disagree with your power control strategies. It’s a pity that the academics who posses the analytical power and are champions of intellectual rights could not stand up and show us the way.

You arrived to Sweden maybe 15 years ago? Am not sure.. However, it’s now your taking your degree in politics which you’re also studying in English. Kudos brother.

Comparatively, I relocated to Sweden June 14th 2001. Today, I am doing my second term on the same degree as you, but in Swedish language at Södertörn university. I know you’ve struggle to keep me anonymous in all good matters I do and you’re disappointed that I have little or no scandals at all, otherwise you’d definitely capitalize on my downfall. Mr Osewe, Why do you feel threatened by me? I thought we were brothers in arms both ideologically and fate wise? Thank God am the master of my destiny!

In your writings,you have noted that the pictures are lifted from Ole Ngais home page and I appreciate it, but you must have forgotten to link back to us. It’s not enough that you mention the source, it is required that you link back to the original source of the material you’re using. This home page observes Copy right Creative commons share alike

This is to confirm the dignity of the the previous discussions that caught fire at KSB, you and other commentators were keen on always referring to the source of information but you seem to fail to respect the same intellectual right you protect so much at KSB.

Although I know you’ll twist and thread my article as it suit’s you, I hope you’ll rectify your missteps because it’s essential for a better and healthier society. Thanks in advance.
Ole Ngais.

Sent in by Ole Ngais:

Butdoisay comment: Will only publish comments that are progressive…please refrain from any abusive comments…na hiyo pia ni maendeleo…2009.


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7 Responses to ““Real Kenyans verses Non real Kenyans according to Osewe!”-By Ole Ngais.”

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Suffering from, Diminished Capacity is a Syndrome common amongst a few Kenyans living in Sweden. You will never see these Kenyans, drive mercedes, Rolls Royce, Ferraris in the streets of Stockhom, despite that theycan afford them.
The elite Kenyan proffessors, Doctors, Social workers, bloggers, writers are very industrious, and go “ barefoot“ . They own bigtime properties, real estate, Ophanages and send plenty of dollars every month to Kenya to cater for the poor. They will never ever, ever, ever, look for help, for any physochological problems. They are trapped. Wellcome to SWEDEN.

This Ole Ngais has a deeper problem and needs immediate help. He needs to be brought up to the level of normalcy and sanity that can help him truelly support and build our motherland, Kenya. Sending money to your family, calling them for Kshs 5000, buying them plots of land is ok but I find it difficult to place the same on the developing story that engulfed you at the embassy. You moved to Sweden in 2001 and only doing your second term in PS…well, if you brag about that, you need to realize that most Kenyan students here in Finland clear the same in record time. Your own records show that you expext to be through in 2011 (Ref: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/b/239/2a7).
A normal Masters degree requirement here is 2 years Ole Ngais, don’t waste your academic time. Osewe stated the delay quite well, you can take a break, write a book or so, then get back on track when you are geared to finish the heap. I suggest you take a break, maybe work at the embassy kidogo then get back to the books. By the way, does speaking swedish make you more Kenyan brother?

Well, you still wonder what is Kenyan in a Kenyan! Waw, that was a difficult one Mr. Ole Ngais but I believe you have the answer so no rejoinder! I believe you command a barrel of knowledge, a reason for paring all you have achieved. Don’t cry foul, your son, Obama, is a Kenyan to Kenyans and a Swede to the Swedes just as President Obama, he has what is politically termed a mixed background. It is a pity that you introduce your family to us through the blog where you are under fire….hapo umetupa mbao as we used to say.

People, you need to be civil and lead the way. What do you expect of the leaders back at home when you who should bear the academic mantle bend this low? You have to rise to the level of agreeing to disagree diplomatically. I find sentences like “Don’t be like Awuor who has been reduced to carrying Purity’s handbag”. We need a debate that can engage several brains and lead the office to the better. That embassy carters for a larger region beyond the borders of Stockholm and needs to be respected as the highest office in the region…at least for Kenyans! Please concentrate on the system and not the servants at the office. We can replace Purity and all the functionaries at the embassy but as long as the system remains intact…..bado mapambano. Now that Karua is gone, who is next????

Happy Easter.

Twasonga Mbele hata ingawa maisha ni dwara!!

hej hej.. Nda’uo.. wacha hii mtu.. keep telling y’all why would u complain about a tick hanging on a dog.. just like this headmaster of ours hanging on kenya, when will u learn wakenya.. this piece of shit is not part of maendeleo for us.. for those who find it entertaning, woi poleni i feel sorry for u cause it’s actually at your expense. I guess, if he’s in uni studying then i can’t blame it on illiteracy maybe just plain old ignorance or stupidity. For how long will y’all real kenyans who all love their country stand and watch an idiot tear it down. who’would’nt even dare voice anything in kenya. Trust me his a coward, insulting others and hiding behind his comp. Nyway it just makes me mad nd’auo to see u respond to this xxx, like you haven’t realized yet that there’s something very wrong with him. At least he’ll have something to show for his being her in sweden for 15 plus yrs at the age of 40plus. So sad. Don’t y’all fill pity..?? and of course i forgot his all time best seller book…??

ps. Na wewe clay watcha vitisho, ati abusive language, headmaster says ni freedom of speech or something…kwa hivyo green light iko..

ps. ZIP the only diminished person here is u.. ati rolls royce and ferrari’s.. very few if any kenyans in stockholm can afford them. don’t get it twisted. mercedes is not worth mentioning..and please speak for yourself.. ati physochological problems?? don’t know where in sweden u live.. am sawa..
Glad påsk! and don’t forget to take your medicine..

grow up “maasaiwarrior”.

Vichana hacheni hii maneno. Tuna mambo ya maana saidi ya hii. tusijiunge na mambo ambayo haijengi. tufikirie vile tunaweza kuendelea mbele. kwani hatuchoki na mambo hii? kila wakati kuna kitu kuhusu mkenya. hatuna mambo ya maana kama kuandika vitabu. tunatakikana tu seme mengi kwa maendeleo kama ya kitabu cha okoth O. haya tuwache…mambo ya maendeleo hutuandiki,mambo ya bure tunapendelea.. Nawewe rafiki…usijigambe na maendeleo,nyenyekea…hapohapo…hukohuko

@Kadinya, are you not sending any dollars to the Italian earthquake victims, or you prefer to continue studying your political science in swedish, which is preferably than when it is done in english ?
Glad påsk everybody(Happy Easter)

Butdoisay! Lakini Clay, why get so het up about a man whose right to breathe, it seems comes from putting people down? When a dog barks, do you bark back? kijana, as a kenyan woman who has lived in stockholm for ages and has barely showed up for those kenyan meets, mwana kaa ngumu as Fred Ngumo would say. Just live your life. You dont owe it to anyone neither do you need to impress anyone. Eshishio ne shishio and if i may add, eshiefu neshiefu!! That kenyanblog made me wonder which morons read it on a monthly let alone daily basis! By the way, i wish you the best in your studies. Way to go!

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