Kibaki And The Whole Cabinet Should Step Down…

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As Kenyans continue to condemn the President,the grand coalition and the whole cabinet,lets hope the next press conference the president will call, will be that they are all stepping down to pave way for a totally new goverment.

Kenyans are loosing Kenya and if we as diasporans,bloggers and activists do not do speak out,Kenya will be like Somalia sooner or later.We as bloggers, should incite Kenyans all over the world to demonstrate in a peaceful manner either by wearing black T shirts or red T shirts to signify that we are a dead people walking.This T shirts will be worn on a daily basis,to send message to the President,the Prime minister and the coalition goverment that we have lost hope and trust in them and they should just step down before the election time in 2012.

If you watch this video of the President and the first lady,would you really believe that this is a President and a first lady? I admired Kibaki when I was young when he was the minister for health in Kenya,during the Kenyatta era,but sincerely speaking, I do not admire him anymore.Its time for him and the whole cabinet to step down if he really loves Kenya.

Kenyans should put their matchets aside,guns aside,jembes aside, because ,the person you are about to attack is not the problem,the problem is the President and the grand coalition.Send smses to Kenyans to wear Red  T.shirts as a sign of a vote of no confidence to the entire cabinet.This should continue until 2012.Can someone please creat one sms that will be sent to the entire nation….start by sending one to me and I will forward it,+46 76 216 9132. example The president,the cabinet to step down-wear Red T SHIRT to work or school as a sign of no confidence in the  Kenya govermnent.SPREAD!!!! Will try to spread this to a reliable newspaper in Kenya.

Clay Onyango.


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One Response to “Kibaki And The Whole Cabinet Should Step Down…”

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What i have seen on U tube doesn`t Justify any incompetence.
Except now i understand that the president of kenya, is not Rambo!! But a human being with feelings etc and nothing else.

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