A New Pub Open In BUSIA Where I Come From…

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Talking of financial crisis in the world,listen to this,I come from the western part of Kenya called Busia, not very far from where president Obama was born.When you talk of poverty, Busia is one those areas in western Kenya that is  conguered by poverty.You would see people selling very many bananas for approximately 2 dollars only and still no one can afford that.

So they spend the whole day sitting there, trying to do their business.Sometimes I wonder how my mum managed to raise her 14 kids though some died, some managed to leave Busia for Nairobi, the capital city and of course me…..to  diaspora.

So as things are falling apart in Kenya and of course BUSIA, some entrepreneurs are coming up with different ideas to survive,like I have a distant relative who has recently opened a pub there, he is selling home brewed alcohol, and before you get into his pub,its a compulsory that they tie your trousers tight below the knees with a rope or string, because many of his customers have been diarrheaing in their trousers after consuming it, when they stand to leave the pub. So its recommended you keep your diarrhea within your trousers while you stagger to your crib that is situated maybe 15 kilometers away.Some clients have chosen to tuck their trousers into their socks instead.

This home brews, are considered illegal but since there are no jobs,people turn to selling them as a way of surviving,some of these brew have made people blind and when I asked him about his, he just said, mine just make people diarrhea in minutes in their pants and so it is better than the one that makes one blind.

Let me give you the address in case you want to try it and promote his business….address: Busia,next to Siamungu market,the name of the pub is” WACHA WASEME USIKU WATALALA  PUB”.

Clay Onyango.


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One Response to “A New Pub Open In BUSIA Where I Come From…”

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Jambo mdosi! mambo fipi lakini? hiyo stori yako
ni poa and am sure there are people out there who
may not believe you. you know imenipa nostalgia, cause
where i come from in ungem,western side of nairobi
there has been simular incidents.the owners of these
pubs say ” drink and take the shit with you”
yenyewe ni sad sana.you remember when they lost
their sight what they used to say. “hata muzime
taa, tutakunywa” tuseme nini? ni kenya yetu.
a land of contrast. ama?

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