A Man Steals A Watch From An Accident Victim`s Arm In Tanzania.

Posted on March 23, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

My dear readers,I have to share this with you, once a thief always a thief. A man in Dar,Tanzania was involved in a car accident that tore her arm apart.As the victim lay on the road at the scene of the accident, a passerby who happened to be a well known thief in Dar saw a very expensive watch on the victims arm that was tossed a few meters away from the accident scene,and picked it up and hid it his long jacket and took off to a nearby forest where he removed the watch.

The victim lay there in pain screaming JAMANI MKONO WANGU,MKONO WANGU(My arm my arm) and as the crowd came to his rescue, they started searching for the arm that was missing at the scene.After a long search, the thief came back still hiding the victims arm in his jacket,and threw the arm at a nearby pit, where it was discovered later.

The ambulance that took time to come to the accident, was almost leaving for hospital without the victims arm, but a good samaritan ran after the ambulance and the arm was delivered to the owner. See….once a thief always a thief …they steal anything anywhere!!!

Clay Onyango.true story.


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2 Responses to “A Man Steals A Watch From An Accident Victim`s Arm In Tanzania.”

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May all the Luos in the house stand up, including my good friend Obama !

Guest: Excuse me sir; may I have your contact no.
Luo: Which one; Landline, Safaricom, Zain, Telkom wireless or Orange?

Guest: Safaricom Sir

Luo: Office or Home?

Guest: Home

Luo: The one in Black Berry, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, Nokia or Sony Erickson?

Guest: Any will do for me sir

Luo: You are ok with Nokia!

Guest: Yes Sir.

Luo: Nokia Twin Sim or Single Sim?

Guest: Any will do for me sir

Luo: You are ok with Twin Sim!
Guest: Yes Sir.

A Luo: Post paid or Pre-Paid?

Guest: Sir you better just give me your email… ehh

Luo: No problem my dear; now which one do you prefer; yahoo.com, gmail, .co.ke, or .co.uk?

Guest: Sir lets stop it there, I’ll always come to see you whenever I need your attention.

Luo: You are at Liberty my dear to choose how you contact me; but will you be coming to my office, residence or in the restaurant?

Guest: Eih Yawa Bye

Na bado, Go down

How Luos call them….

Gardener – Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist
House Maid – Domestic Operations Specialist
Typist – Printed Document Handler
Messenger – Business Communications Conveyer
Window Cleaner – Transparent Wall Technician
Temporary Teacher – Associate Tutor
Tea Boy – Refreshments Overseer
Garbage Collector – Public Sanitation Technician
Watchman – Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer
Thief – Wealth Distribution Officer
Driver – Automobile Propulsion Specialist
Receptionist – Office Access Control Specialist
Cook – Food Preparation Officer
Bartender – Certified Liquor Specialist
Housewife – Permanent Secretary- Home Affairs

Ai yawa!
This is living!!!

@Odede,And not to forget, Dishwasher-Engineering

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