African Leaders Have Two Ways Of Killing Their Prey-By The Bullet Or Car Accident…

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KENYA-KILLING/The car Morgan Tsvangirai was riding in during his accident on 6 March _45546035_car_afp226bTsvangirais CAR

The assassination of Paul Oulu and Oscar Kingara both of oscar foundation in Kenya,and the accident that killed Prime Minister Tsvangiras wife in Zimbabwe,of which the Prime minister himself survived,shows how African leaders will never adhere to critics and human rights.

Paul and Oscar were assassinated on a broad daylight while they were driving to a demostration in Kenya ,while  Prime minister Tsvangirai and his wife Susan were involved in a car accident,while they had their security cars both infront and back.Since when did you hear a whole Prime minister being involved in an accident.This was a foul play to kill him, but unfortunately they killed his wife Susan.Do you know who might have given the orders? The untouchable Mugabe!!!!

As for Oscar and Gop, the grand coalition in Kenya  knows better.African leaders have two ways of killing their enemies, either by the bullet or by a car accident.This is what they believe,by the bullet, people will just think it was an armed robbery, and in a car accident, people will just think it was an accident.

When you criticize an  African bad goverment,you have no right to live but to die through an accident or a bullet. It really seems that anyone that is fighting for his rights in Africa, is heading to the grave, but you know what, keep on fighting for your rights.



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