“We” the Kenyan People Versus Greedy Selfish MPs

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The recent political “triumph” by William Ruto who admittedly conspired with a cartel of crooks to benefit by trading with national food security reserves at a time when the country is facing widespread hunger was an embrace of impunity by the lawmakers. This behavior sadly shows that “we” the Kenyan people cannot trust the gatekeepers of justice and public coffers. It is common knowledge that maize meal is the only decent affordable food for most Kenyans and therefore while this matter may have provided Ruto in his own words “a vote of confidence” to perpetuate more impunity, the issue touches the soft belly of the nation.

The MPs have completely lost touch with “we” the people, as a new opinion poll conducted by Steadman Group shows that more than 70% of Kenyans believe that the MPs have failed to deliver. This indicates that “we” the Kenyan people are completely fed up just as the church leaders who busted the administration for erosion of confidence from the public. This damning verdict from “we” the Kenyan people means that the Grand Coalition leaders must be OUSTED as they have no moral authority to lead. The only option “we” the Kenyan people have is to RECALL them – a move that is unprecedented but the right thing to do as “we” the Kenyan people cannot and will not tolerate corruption with impunity.

For a long time, “we” the Kenyan have expressed our disgust with the MPs’ conduct but the failure of President Kibaki and PM Raila to uphold the rule of law, hold accountable the corrupt MPs, cut down the government spending, contain the inflation and to ensure that our families have access to food is unbearable. Since these leaders have failed to perform the jobs that “we” the people hired them to do, they deserve to be FIRED now!

As if Kenya is a nation of FOOLS and COWARDS, the coalition principals shamelessly attempted to get back on the side of “we” the hungry people last weekend in order to appear in touch after the harsh indictment by the clergy. “We” the Kenyan people are not STUPID as the MPs seem to assume. To this end, “we” the people shall prove to them that we are sick, tired, discouraged, ashamed, disillusioned, angry and bitter about the high cost of food, insecurity and lack of accountability among public servants.

To say no to impunity, kindly bring your family and friends on Thursday February 26, 2009 at Uhuru Park – Freedom Corner from 9:00am for a peaceful procession:

§ 9:00am – Meet at Freedom Corner (Refreshments and T-shirts will be provided)
§ 9:15am – Prayers led by Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi
§ 9:20am – Start procession through Uhuru Highway, City Hall Way, and Parliament Road.
§ 9:30am – Prayers at Parliament Building led by Bishop Boniface Adoyo and Abdulgafur Al-Busaidy
§ 9:40am – Address by former presidential candidate Kenneth Matiba and Archbishop Stephen Ondiek.
§ 10:30am – Procession through Harambee Avenue
§ 10:40am – Public address at Harambee House by Martin Luther Jr. from USA
§ 11:30am – Procession through Moi Avenue, Kenyatta Avenue
§ 12:00 Noon – Converge at Uhuru Park for State of Union speeches by distinguished patriots.

Despite “we” the Kenyan people being shortchanged, we remain optimistic that there is a window of opportunity to reclaim our country. It is time for “we” the Kenyan people to believe in the power bestowed in us by the Kenyan Constitution. So – let us join “we” the people movement and together we shall reclaim our beloved country from the jaws of the greedy, shameless and self seeking goons masquerading as leaders.

Dr. Pamela Barkindo
Country Director – Kenya

Butdoisay comment: This might have passed but this is indeed a good move…


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3 Responses to ““We” the Kenyan People Versus Greedy Selfish MPs”

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We always get the leaders we deserve. Methinks even if we had a re election today, i’m sure over 80% of our current leaders will make it back to august house, so the leaders are not the problem the people are.
Hyenas choose hyenas to lead them, lions choose lions, pigs choose pigs deaspite what you read on the ‘animal farm’ fairy tales and other story books thus in the same spirit,

Umedinya point hapo Odede…

Odede…you have hit the nail on its big head kabisa! Kenyans are tribalistic to the core, and moreover encourage corruption and theft without batting an eyelid. Kenyan leaders are the mirror of Kenyan society, filty and horrible. Change must begin at the bottom with each Kenyan before we can have the society we want. Meanwhile let Kenyans enjoy the fruits of their ways.

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