This Is Love Brewed In A Diasporan Pot!!!

Posted on March 1, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

Dear readers , I have to share this story with you, I have not stopped laughing since I heard this from my friend.A friend of mine went out to an African party that was organised by some African organisation.He arrived a single man  when he entered the club, but after a little sip and dance, he realized that love was brewing in the air.

He happened to have danced with a beautiful lady, who really wished they should go home and break the bed after the party.This lady was not single, and funny enough the boyfriend was left at home, and she made sure that she had revealed the  situation to the man at the disco, that there was a man in her life at home, but it was ok to break the bed in his presence or when he leaves for work very early in the morning.

The man at the disco thought she was joking, and since he had sipped enough alcohol, he agreed to accompany the lady to her home after the party.

They left the party by bus and arrived home,  the lady`s home.He sat on the soffa while she was preparing herself in the bathroom for the big day.As the man was waiting, there appeared another man from the bedroom,who just passed by the living room and said hi.

Hi…replied the man on the soffa.He waited for the ladys man to bring noma, but he just concentrated on what he was doing with no word at all.

The lady suddenly came from the bathroom and introduced her boyfriend as she tried to usher him to the bedroom.

What??? hesitated the man from the club,wait a minute, this is your boyfriend and you still want us to go kick  it in the bedroom?Yes said the lady, its ok with him, he can not stop me from bringing anybody I want..lets go kick it…….Find out what inspired in the next episode….. this is love brewed in a diasporan pot.(true story)Can you guess what happened?

Clay Onyango.


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