Jade Goody Has Days To Die…..Would You Write It In Your Diary?

Posted on February 26, 2009. Filed under: 1 |


I dont know if you have been following this story, Jade Goody was diagnosed of cancer in August and the doctors are predicting that she has just days to live since the cancer has spread to the liver and other parts of the body.

Instead of sobbing at home she decided to get married to her boyfried Tweed before she passes out.

If you have been reading her story, this is just a young girl, who was just heading into the limelight of fame,wealth and a good family life, but will suddenly be denied all that by cancer.She has been told that within a few days she will be gone….

This makes me think, I have seen people with diaries,where they write all their future plans, birthdays,appointments,weddings,vacation and many more plans. Imagine if you visit a doctor and he tells you that you have only 2 weeks to live,like in the case of Goody, would you write that on your diary? That in 2 weeks from now, date 5 march I will be dead.

If you have a diary, I know how excited one opens the pages to have a look at their future plans….but this time around you have a future plan that you do not want to come across , you would flip the pages very fast since you do not want to face the reallity that your future plan have taken another sad course.Would you handle it well as Goody is?

May we pray for Goody and another friend of mine who has the same future plan…..they have both been given days to live by their doctors.

Clay Onyango.


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10 Responses to “Jade Goody Has Days To Die…..Would You Write It In Your Diary?”

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i feel so sorry for jade and i wish her the best for her children and husband

I think that what jade is going through is horrible no body should have to go through that . I will pray x

Everytime i read or hear about jade my heart goes out to her, just knowing she only has days to go, my heart also goes out to her two boys. Jade every night and day i pray for you!!! Its so sad to hear what you have been through im glad youve done all of your wishes god bless

Karen x x

jade i hope you rest in peace i hope the best for your 2 little boys and husband you will never be forgetn from jade in gy x

I have been a huge fan of Jade since she started her career and have always admired her down to earth personality. Although I personally do not know Jade, the news of her illness has shocked and upset me deeply. I pray that some miracle happens and she recovers but I cannot see that happening.
God bless you Jade, you will always be remembered as the girl with the big heart, as the perfect mother and partner to Jack.
I will miss you xxx

u like a easter egg lol

u are really missed

u look like an easter egg u will be missed at easter no mre eggs

jade you do not no me i am no 1 fan i will look after your

kids if u want me to i will be very happy

poor thing 😦

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