Tears Of A Failed Kenya Goverment…

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Tragedy after tragedy in Kenya, is it the goverment that is failing Kenyans or the people failing the goverment?

We begin with the bus tragedy that left 29 Kenyans dead, if the bus had a speed governer that Michuki had introduced,this type of accident would have probably been avoided.The goverment failed the dead Kenyans.Another tear of a failed goverment….

We then move to the Nakumat shopping mall tragedy,that left approximately 40 Kenyans dead in the fire inferno.When the fire started, the security,as its rumoured, was authorised by the shopping mall owner,to lock the exits so that there would be no looting during the fracas.And then came the firefighters, who were unable to put off the fire because the water got finished,while Kenyans did not pave way to the fire brigades to reach the location.Whats wrong with Kenyans, when an accident happens they dash to the scene of the accident to watch instead of heading home or keep away and let the authorities take care of the injured.

On this one both the goverment and the citizens are to blame, greed and illiteracy led to all these deaths, how can you close the exist when there is a fire at your home? And why should the water get finished in the fire brigade truck? Another tear of a failed government and the people…

And then the fuel tanker that overturned and spilled the fuel, and killed about 120 people who were trying to scoop the fuel from the truck.With the goverment millitary personnel on the ground, they still let the kenyans to scoop the fuel,though they knew that it was dangerous as it could explode anytime, what training are they really given,if they cannot think of the consequences involved in a fuel explosion? Another tear of a failed goverment….

Then comes the most of all that takes Kenyan lives everyday, insecurity in the country….”MANY MANY TEARS OF A FAILED GOVERMNENT”.

May God bless all those who passed away during all these incidents,and May God give us a good goverment that will cater for our problems and needs….the President,the Prime minister,the Ministers,the MPs and the Police are to be blamed for all our tears….we really need a CHANGE in Kenya,for how long will we rely on old brains in our goverment that have been there for many years??

Clay Onyango.


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