Kuteleza Sio Kuanguka….”Move On”!!!

Posted on January 30, 2009. Filed under: 1 |


“”The picture tells it all,there are those who hate you and there are those who like you,this goes to all Kenyans in Stockholm.WE ALL LEARN THRU OUR MISTAKES,Nobody is perfect.I guess its time to select our friends and MOVE ON,BACKWARD NEVER!!!”””

Clay Onyango.


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5 Responses to “Kuteleza Sio Kuanguka….”Move On”!!!”

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Nobody is perfect but some believe they are perfect. So you will not be replying to this thread using different user names while accusing others of doing the same thing? butdoisay!

Woi mundu wa nyumba.. ruta mburi ithano fine ya athuri ohoro uyu uthire.. kari we wambere kuhura mutumia, ona tiwe wa muico by the way. mahitia maku ni ngudi ma mateke tari muici urahura. gwitikirityo oro makofi kana hii cia thende yaani bitchslap. ngudi nicia mudurume tawe, dugathukie uthaka wake, no-waku onawaigwa. makofi tamaria headmaster ahurirwo haraka haraka aririkane niwee muthee. icio nicio cihuragwo atumia.anyway ciira tiumwe, kubaff januari yothe kariwe oo. na ningi cira wa kirimu uturaga riko gurutage gikuyu.
twara mama boat, na tumahua, ouria wamuhenetie riambere wendo ucoke. onake gwohoka nioe ati niokiite muno. mwinagire slow down teacher niwoka muno. weekendi njega.

can someone translate the above comment….i can but not that perfect….lol

Woeee Person of the House, provide a goat to the elders so that this thing can come to rest…Who says you are the first person to ever beat on the wife, by the way you ain’t the last. Your mistakes were the kicks and blows like you were fixing a thief. Only slaps are allowed, or ass-spanking, also known as bitch-slaps. Blows are for men like you, don’t destroy her beauty, she is still yours, butdoisay. [Slaps like the ones the headmaster slapped in quick succession to be remembered {is you mzee}/{that he is the mzee}(lost in translation).] Those are the ones women receive. Anyway, this ain’t the only case. Kubaff! The whole of January? Who the heck do you think you are? In any case, the fools case is always cooking, if i may teach you some Kikuyu. Take the mama to the boat, with some flowers, like you lied to {seduced} her in the beginning so as to rekindle your love. As for her, I suspect she has now realized that she is running too fast. Sing for her, “Slow down teacher, you have come too much”. Nice weekend.

Mwahahahaa…muthuri wa hauz ni wathekia muno! Keep your head up Mr Chairman!

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