Akoro Akoro…..”Words You May Never Wish To Say”

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What do you think this woman is trying to tell you? She is telling you akoro akoro meaning in Turkana, (an ethnic tribe found in Kenya),Hunger hunger.Do you feel any remorse or pity her? Well, when you are making that big ugali or rice in a big sufuria for just the 3 of you in a family,of which most of it will be thrown away, think of this words akoro akoro( hunger hunger).She is not the only one crying akoro akoro,her children have also gone out to the main roads to try and get food from the good samaritans….crying akoro akoro,with empty bottles,very dry even to drop a drop…. 

Appreciate to love food,always try to prepair it in portions,meaning if you are 3 in the house,take three cups of rice and not ten cups of rice which you wont be able to consume and throw away.What do you do with the remaining food in your house,do you save it to consume it the next day,or you just throw it away and make new everyday.I know you can not do much to help her with your remains but you can maybe help yourself save both money and food at your home.

Some parents give their young kids big portions enough for a grown up, and this kid does not even consume everything,which means you can neither save this food nor consume it the next day.

Like in my own home, I rarely eat the remaining ugali,since its always hard, and i really feel guilty to throw it away, but I still throw it any way,think if this woman was outside my house and I throw the ugali to her,would`nt  she be so thankfull? 

Its none of my business to tell you how to live your lives at home, but just make sure you do not start crying “AKORO AKORO”,coz by then I will be swallowing in big bits the food that I have saved at my home,looking into your dry eyes that can not even cry and your dry mouth that can not even say akoro….butdoisay.

Clay Onyango.

Ps.Ugali is  an African food made from maize flour,Sufuria is a swahili word meaning cooking pot,Akoro means hunger. 


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