How To Beat Your Wife…

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There are many ways you can beat your wife without causing any injuries that may lead you to  prosecution,even if she calls the cops. I will advise you on some few ways that might help you later in case the thought of beating her comes to your mind.

Before I advise you, I still condemn both wife beating and husband beating.Arguments or misunderstanding do occur in each and every family house. These incidents happen to both spouses, there are those men that are always beaten by their wives.I have an example of a friend, who when the wife just lifts her hand to pick up a remote control, he covers his head thinking its time for the wife to thrash him,I think he is used to being slapped all the time and this is why he is always on the defensive.

Now,when you quarrel with you wife or husband, the best thing to do is not to engage in exchanging words depending on who started the argument.Mostly, men think that they are the superior partner and in that case,women should always try to ignore men, by just keeping quiet and avoid any exchange of words,this will save both of you from any injuries.

Exchanging words lead to a fight,and since men are the stronger ones,they tend to think that they win,but in real sense they loose since they end up in jail.Fighting does not accomplish or repair any family feud.

Here are a few ways to beat your wife:

1. Beat her with a bouquet of roses sometimes when you come from work.

2.Beat her with breakfast on bed unexpectedly-eggs,cheese,bacon and coffee.

3.Beat her with a dinner out to a nice restaurant-chinesse,swedish or African.

4.Beat her with a nice ring or chain on her neck followed by a kiss.

Last but not least…..

5.Beat her with a massage on the back followed by mmmmmmmmm….

Those are just a few ways of beating your wife without any injuries…..lets live like Michell and Barack Obama.A good example of a husband and wife…..butdoisay.

Clay Onyango.


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9 Responses to “How To Beat Your Wife…”

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oh, that’s so cute. i was a bit weirded out until i realized what beat meant. that’s really funny dude.

Hahaha! Kwani remote iko kwa Ceiling?

Hahaha! Kwani remote iko kwa Ceiling? Why don’t you but your friend a helmet or a bar stool so that he is always up there. I would advise you to add some slices of bread into that breakfast of yours. What is mmmmmmmmm….?

jeuri I guess you are too young to know what mmmmm means…usijali utajua as you grow…lol.

eh, Dr phil……

Clay!!! its nice of you to enlighten these wife beaters on how to beat a wife. You do know though that this kind of man rarely exsist these days, i think they are one in a million. But good luck you wife beaters!!! this is a chanllege you really should take. Anybody who knows where these type of men are manifested???? I need one.

They say u cant teach an old dog new tricks;tho you are right,you are barking at the wrong tree….butdoisay

Hi. I have a question. I wrote a comment under Shushanna Uhe. I think it’s the first. I was wondering if you could delete that comment (and this one as well).

Lol great one.

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