Obama Inauguration Day-20 Jan 2009.What Will You Do??

Posted on January 7, 2009. Filed under: 1 |

Are you excited as I am, that in 12 days to come, the world and the US will have a black President,President Barack Obama, who has a Kenyan blood.

One thing I can admit is I like his way of dressing, and on that day, I intend to dress like Obama, dress in a nice suit with a tie, head to Stockholm city and look for a place to sit, in either a pub or a restaurant and utilize my time watching the inauguration ceremony,while sipping some hennessy or carvosiour VSOP, I don`t drink but on this day I will.

My problem is I dont want to do it alone, I have a friend who is accompaning me but we have not decided the location,are you familiar with Stockholm pubs….give me some clue,you are free to join us but try to dress like Obama or Mitchell, give us the Obama inauguration feeling.

Please join us and give us some tips, try to confirm the American time that day….Obama obama Obama..

Clay Onyango


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7 Responses to “Obama Inauguration Day-20 Jan 2009.What Will You Do??”

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Clay count me in though i,m not so familiar na pubs Stockholm.That day i also plan kuwa free so mkijua location inform the public.God forsättning na Mungu akubariki.

God fortsättning Clay! Mambo vipi? Hopas ulijump mwaka vipoa. Maze hii story ya Obama imenifanya nikuwe excited. I tell you, you are not alone. On that day, I will be in town and ready to cereblate this big day in our history n maze nitakuwa mathuti n I will not 4get my “earthwire” (tie) . am thinking of a place n will let you know soon. Maze, this is really something. I have discovered that not only fobe that kan make one drunk. I have been drunk all the way with obama mania. We will make this day a day to remember…. Yes we kan

Man zoro ,happy new year,that makes 5 of us but more to come, I checked the time in Washington and it will be at 1 oclock I think 1300 afternoon in the US which is approximately 0800 am in Sweden.Well if its in the morning, we can still meet in the evening some where,so double check the time incase am wrong….see u soon.

ati naskia manzi yako amekonda mpaka akivaa socks anafunga na belt ndo zimtoshee!!

President elect Barack Obama’s inauguration is on January 20th 2008. For 2 years now, we’ve followed Obama convincing all of us that there is still hope for change!
Barack said that if you can belief in your ability to bring change then there is no way we can fail.
Indeed, he believes in his own ability to being a true agent of change.
He’s led the whole world to history making.
On 20th January, America is going to sign a chaque of hope and true change financed by a little seed with roots in Kenya. As a Kenya, I am very proud of Both Obama and America for this single reason.
I know America has committed a lot of sins but am ready to forgive them because of the step they’ve taken to healing our world.
Do you have better plans in place? If you don’t, we have.

We are going to celebrate at a concert at the Konserthuset in Stockholm with Cindy Peters and her all friends.
Buy ticket below and please choose the GREEN carpet because that’s where I will be seated.
I look forward to celebrating history making with you.
Don’t forget to include the agent of change himself (Baraka) and the people of America in your prayers, for giving us yet another surprise when almost lost faith in America and it’s foreign politics.
Please confirm the soonest you acquire the ticket so that we can join hands and sing louder, the Kenyan way!
If you’re not a singer, Clay Onyango and I will be your soloists.
Cyndee Peters & friends
Extern arrangör: Cyndee Peters AB

Biljetter 260-290 kr

Is there anything free in sweden ? Cyndee Peters AB. AB ? ?

She is being paid – why should anybody else do it for free even if its one minute. Becouse Obama has roots in Kenya ?

Poeple say it does not matter if you are black or white – It does matter – whites get paid for work they have not done , blacks do work for free. Wisen up and join the Global Economy – money is what counts the rest is Upuzi. Demand to be paid for what you do , even it is is one minute. Just 4 mimutes – GIVE ME A BREAK !!!

some kenyans are really evil!!!

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