Brayo`s Jacket Stolen…”Christmas Comes With Surprises”

Posted on December 25, 2008. Filed under: 1 |

May I start by conveying a wish of happy holidays to the whole Kenya-Stockholm community. Jah know 2008 has been a ‘revolutionary’ year if I were to summarise it. It’s just beginning and a sign of good things to come.
I joined my fellow folks in celebration in Central Skolan in Märsta, just arrived home a few minutes ago. Jolly good party it was… Warm miscible crowd to say the least. Unfortunate that it had to end on a sour note in my case.
I happen to have lost my jacket at the party. I last had it about an hour and a half before leaving (between 0300-0330) as I briefly left with Oti, one of the officials at the party. I came back to hang the black winter jacket next to my dark green hooded sweatshirt and an ‘ogut othith’. This I did as a measure to have all my belongings in one place. When it was time to catch the first train home, to my surprise it was only my sweatshirt and ‘ogudu’ still hanging where I had left them. The jacket seems to have dissapeared mysteriously. I am calling upon whoever may know its whereabouts. It may happen that someone may have taken it by mistake.. as peculiar as that my seem to me.
This is the second winter in a row I’m experiencing something of this nature. (I recall loosing a jacket towards the end of last winter too.) Should it be that this is yet another low and pathetic attempt of an enemy trying to bring ja-K’Ochia down, well I’ve got news for you. “Ategno ka luanda.” If somebody somewhere feels they need the jacket more than I do, I had a novel inside the jacket entitled “Dreams from my father” by Barack Obama. I was really enjoying it and was hoping I would finish it on the long train ride back home from the party. The book was only worth $8 on but the best things in life are priceless. Which is to say, I would rather loose the jacket but not the novel.
This is my humble request towards the end of this year. Anyone in posession of my belongings, please feel free to hand them to any of the party officials, or preferably even directly to me. My mobile is +46(76)2 67 78 10. Once again, happy holidays.
Dread out

Butdoisay comment.We hope you find your jacket Brayo…keep us updated.Merry Christmas!!!!


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