Presents Not To Buy During Christmas..

Posted on December 8, 2008. Filed under: 1 |

Dear readers, as christmas is approaching very soon, our minds are filled up with what presents and Christmas clothes to buy to our loved ones and friends.For those who can not afford,its not much to think about but just a thought by an sms or a  card is enough.

For those who can really afford, they are thinking of what cars to buy to their kids or relatives,this is a time when presents really matter to their loved ones.

As we are being punished by the thought of what to buy and if the amount to spend is enough,lets also be aware that there are some presents that can damage our  relationships with our loved ones.Some of these presents are the IPODS,PLAYSTATIONS and LAPTOPS.Any present that takes control of your spouses or relatives that you are too close with should be avoided,lets take an example with an ipod, an  ipod is  is the latest version of a music gadget like a walkman,though abit expensive, its a very good present. The dissadvantage with it, is it  creates some addiction whereby one concentrates too much on the music than the family, while  enjoying the music thru the headphones,it  blocks all the communication in the house. You would try to explain something to your daughter,husband and or wife but they wont hear you.Their mind is too far concentrated in the ipod, and you would be left talking to yourself…and if fortunately, they see you murmurring, they would remove one ear phone from their ear and shout….eeeeeeehhh, so that you can rewind what you were saying.Don`t you think its so irritating?

You would be sitting in the living room with your husband or wife,but both of you would be silent like zombies coz she or he is listening to the Ipod and he/she can not communicate.You really might want to say something like…the house is on fire..or open the door..or the food is burning,but he/she would be listening to Michael Jacksons….””PYT,PRETTY YOUNG THING,I WANT TO MARRY YOU PYT””…while you are still murmurring there by yourself.Have a happy christmas shopping but think twice of what you are buying  for a present….butdoisay..

Clay Onyango.

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3 Responses to “Presents Not To Buy During Christmas..”

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Any suggestions clay, what we can buy?

If you can afford it buy whatever your kids desire to have even the ipod is good you cant say its bad just because somebody loves it and if the person keeps playing it it means it was a present worth buying. How would u feel if u bought a present that is thrown in the dustbin as garbage= Buy what you think your kids or partner would love nomater have.

mama so and so,what about presents such as a guitar,a keyboard,a sewing machine,a tennis racquet,a present that will give a kid or a relative a good hobby or proffession.ama?

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