The Green Horns Are Here…

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For those who have been up with the evolution of the Kenyan Stockholm Community which I hereby refer to as KSC, we all know the metamorphoses of the whos in our community. Somewhere along the way you remember that I, Njoro, prophesied about the coming of the greenhorns. Well, ladies and gentlemen the greenhorns are here!!!

When I wrote the article, it was much about and in defence of the real greenhorn of that moment and probably for ever more, (you can chose to advance or remain greenhorn for ever). It has always been my commitment to support the younger generation of our community to which I think I belong and at that time an opportunity presented its self. The greenhorn of that moment was presented to us by the “constant gardener” himself, Okoth Osewe.

Osewe has in many cases presented his talent, creativity, rumour ability, foresight and sharpness as judge of character in many occasions. For those of us who know him well, we have followed his revolutionary like evolution with awe. It’s amazing that he has maintained not only his ground but also his support throughout Scandinavia by an almost miraculous stance.

At the instance, I owe him a congratulatory remark for opening a comment section on his blog. When he opened that section after the failed ‘discussion forum’ section, he also opened himself to democracy. Today its eye opening not just to his readers but to him as well and sure if asked, he would admit he did not anticipate the response he’s getting. Otherwise he would have done it times back as most of his readers have requested. Congratulation and welcome, brother Osewe, to democracy!

Never has debate gone to the pitch point its reaching today! And this is all good coz we are now seeing a revolution in our midst. The young, the new, the learned are here and with them comes the change that is needed in our society. But first things first. History is taught as a background for the future. For anybody to advance in their futures they have to understand the dynamics of the history of the current.

What I enjoy most greenhorns’ sense of the grammatical art, the choice of words is real and presumably exceptional. They come, they spit and they leave everyone amazed! The score is high and let me single out a certain Caro who breathed fire when Clay of butdoisay, clipped and posted an ancient article about Kikuyu chauvinism and Raila. I couldn’t take off my eyes from that pure virgin literature till the very end! She caught and held me hanging in there begging for more and at the end; I must admit, I was disappointed that it was over, that she had said all she needed said.

But as a senior Kenyan of the KSC, I really feel that Carol and the likes of Caro, ishouldsay; all greenhorns, have a lot of homework to do before they can change the status quo.

Out of an article that I wrote which Clay then clipped and posted. Poor thug! The only part that caught the eye of the greenhorns is sadly the part where I said “some prefer the status quo”! Sadly because I think I said more of importance than just the status quo part. And this is where I fault the greenhorns for not doing their homework.

Please allow me to nib in here. Whoever posted the comment about chauvinism, an article by Osewe, to Clay’s blog knew the history of KSB and what to expect of a book written by a KISS agent or the Director of KISS himself. But the devoted followers and commentators alike were not interested about the relevance of the article itself but are more like opportunists who take advantage of Clay’s “weakness” to hit back. Caro’s anger is real, its almost a passionate disgust.

For those who understand the dynamics of our now maturing community, including Osewe, we know where the critic comes from. Thing is, I agree, they (whoever sent the article to butdoisay) should have waited till after reading the book itself. Am no ODM, no KSBfanatic but I still believe that to criticize the book you got to read it first otherwise let be any negative/positive critism.

All in all, the new voices are much welcome and I unfeignedly hope they will keep that fire blazing. These are the greenhorns, the brave and the learned. Welcome, take it easy and please, do not jump into conclusions too fast, it takes time to build a Rome even a personal Rome!

No To Hates!

sent in by Njoro of my expression…..not lifted or stolen this time…LOL.

BUTDOISAY COMMENT:WE DO SMILE TO ATTACKS AND CRITICS, WE DO NOT TAKE THEM PERSONAL..though I was under attack, I still thought it was a good article,am too busy to counter attack Njoro,I dont have the energy.I update butdoisay while in bed very tired, the attacks don`t affect me I am immuned…..


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Honestly, i didn’t quite catch the ‘bone of contention’ @KSB last week, what was the beef? and what were KSB’s fanatics arguing about? I know i’m slow and the grasp of the queens language on the site was apalling and impressed me quite, together with some peeps who almost layed out their CV’s to show us how schooled they are LMFAO, and so we say God bless y’all and your academic credentials, we at butdoisay don’t need a piece of paper or document to show our worth, we from something known as SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS, we judge you for who you are.FYI @ butdoisay we don’t give a rats behind about research and sh!t like that coz we ain’t journalists anyway and ain’t planning to be, we just discuss any bull– that itches us, its called BLOGGING not JOURNALISM incase some of your scholars can explain it to the rest,oh and by the way feel free to correct my spellllinngi and girrammarr too, it ain’t my mammas language anyway butwestillsay……

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