BREAKING NEWS: “Butdoisay To Close Down After A Heavy Defeat From KSB Missiles”

Posted on November 22, 2008. Filed under: 1 |

After a short war that left butdoisay troops unarmed against Ksb, butdoisay general has decided to close down and avoid another war due to a heavy bombardment he received from KSB. Though the problem erupted after one of butdoisays agent sent the wrong scud missile to KSB, butdoisays troops disappeared even before the war erupted. This has caused a severe damage to my fingers and has left many troops wounded. The general is laying all the papers down in order to pave way to a peace treaty with KSB.

Clay Onyango.


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8 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: “Butdoisay To Close Down After A Heavy Defeat From KSB Missiles””

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We don’t turn the other cheek when we are hit. We smash your other cheek very hard and those who have not yet noticed this principle should take cue. We don’t love our enemies. We seek to destroy them using any weapon in the armory because this is the principle of war.

KSB theory of war. Once again a copy and paste. And yes we took notice. KSB doesn’t turn the other cheek when hit. And the armory was empty too. The automatic generator seems to be very smart. It a kind of mindreader.

Good coz it appears you did a terrible mistake. Check maina Mwangi.s comment on KSB and you will enlighten more on how bloggers should conduct themselves.By accepting your mistake does not belittle one but should not happen again.We all yern for peace and understanding.

why should you close down?? ala like odede says, its blogging not journalism! Jeezzz lest take a minute to breath here!

What do u mean mistake Muirani? I do not think you have any idea whatsoever on what is going on here, so before you comment next time check the facts first and as for butdoisay closing I would just like to say stop the jokes man and keep up the good work.

Muirani, You are starting to sound like Odera. Clay, I just stole your capitulation A4’s, KSB’s IED’s won’t stop butdoisay.

Clay wewe wacha. Your blogg is full of humour.
Its a therapy to some of us here in stockholm.
Please keep it up!!! Hongera!!

Am lost! Whats been going on around here?

You can’t close down, not now. Unless you are too busy to keep up.Sometimes we don’t have to be right all the time. What has happened here or at KSB does not disqualify you from writing. You have brought sobberness to our reporters here in the diaspora,but some angry people should take it easy before writing anything as in anger one tends to say things, they would normally not say if they stopped to think first. Now lets get back to business of the day “Kenyans in the diaspora” Any jobs out there you want to inform us about? workshops and positive seminars? Yes there is one coming up about HIV AIDS Friday 28th Nov 2008, Tony why don’t you say more on this? University enrollements ? anything out there for us? notjustsaying…

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